Thought Industries Voice of The Customer Program

Voice of the Customer



Our Voice of the Customer Program is a unique channel intended to give you a real voice in how we mature our product as we look to deliver the world’s next-gen learning rocket ship. We welcome new ideas, enhancement requests, and current product feedback.

At Thought Industries, our customers are not simply accounts. We view our customers as partners, integral to our success and growth as a company. Humility and innovation are among our core company values, embedded in our organizational DNA to allow for the best ideas and minds to drive our product development. 

Your ideas, feedback, and insights help us unearth new discoveries that drive substantial value and business impact every day. 

Over half of our product enhancements and releases are driven directly by our customers, ensuring our product continues to deliver the most up to date, agile, intuitive, and easy-to-use learning technology for the foreseeable future.

How does VOC work?

  1. You submit your New Idea, Enhancement Request, or Product Feedback here
  2. We review your submission during our next product meeting
  3. We evaluate impact potential & product fit
  4. We communicate a response or status back to you

New Idea

This could be a new feature, setting, or workflow that does not exist currently in the Ti platform.  

Submit a New Idea

Enhancement Request

This is a current feature, setting, or workflow that you would like to see our team enhance or optimize in some way. You have a clear use case in mind that you believe will drive substantial value for your organization.

Submit an Enhancement

Product Feedback

This could be general feedback on our technology or specific feedback regarding a particular feature, setting, or workflow.  You simply wish to express your current sentiment rather than propose a new idea or enhancement.

Submit Product Feedback

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