Seismic Scales Customer Education and Significantly Reduces Resources, Time Spent on Customer Training


Seismic University Expands Customer Product Knowledge and Reduces Education-related Support Tickets

Seismic is the industry leader in sales enablement and marketing orchestration technology focused on helping customers align go-to-market teams and drive long-term business growth. Through Seismic University – hosted on the Thought Industries Platform – Seismic is supporting its customers during platform onboarding, continuous education opportunities, and the mastery of its SaaS technology through certification. Furthermore, the Seismic team is leveraging the University to empower their client-facing roles to have more consistent conversations around their technology.

With the customer education platform, Seismic is able to save resources and time in their efforts to:

  • Drive consistency in the product training and the quality of information being delivered.
  • Reduce education-related support tickets.
  • Scale the experience and set customers up for success.
We are deeply invested in our customers’ success and recognize that their learning journey with us is a critical piece to that success. The launch of Seismic University has not only allowed us to deliver a more consistent and scalable learning experience for our customers, but has also positioned us to more effectively lead our customers to meaningful value, influencing retention at scale.”

Melissa VanPelt, Senior Director, Customer Education + Community


Seismic required a consistent, scalable way to educate its customers as the organization grew.


Migrating customer education into a structured, consistent experience has ensured a streamlined experience for customers and has saved time spent by Seismic resources in training hours and addressing education-related support tickets.

The Challenge

Seismic had identified that without a customer education platform, customers were receiving inconsistent approaches to training during onboarding and post onboarding due to individual team or department styles. This led to unnecessary confusion or additional questions from the customer. Seismic sought a platform to empower its extended enterprise to convey a consistent and exceptional educational experience for its customers’ entire lifecycle – all the while, driving deeper product adoption and increasing retention rates.’

We’ve successfully been able to transfer the ownership of education development to a dedicated team of resources with expertise in adult learning, while giving our Customer Success staff time back to focus more on strategic conversations and services work with their clients. This is mutually beneficial to both our customers and Seismic, and has dramatically improved the overall effectiveness of training and our internal efficiencies.”

Melissa VanPelt, Senior Director, Customer Education + Community

We now have the ability to integrate learning with defined outcomes and can leverage the platform to correlate learner data to these outcomes. For example, it is powerful to see the impact learner engagement has on Customer Satisfaction scores (CSAT).”

Melissa VanPelt, Senior Director, Customer Education + Community

The Solution

Utilizing the Thought Industries Platform, Seismic has extended its offerings of self-paced, instructor-led, virtual-instructor-led, and blended training to support their customer journey. It is now able to tie the learning experience into the broader customer experience and measure the impact its having on customer retention and adoption rates.

With a primary focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience and consistency throughout, an internal education track has been created for Seismic implementation delivery staff. This way, whether customer learning is being facilitated through an educational product or through client- facing staff, there is a unifying thread that creates a seamless experience for customers.

Seismic University was recently awarded the Customer Training Experience Award at COGNITION 2020.

Courses Completed
Hours Returned to CS
Customers Certified
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“It is our job to drive performance through education. Whether a customer’s ability to perform using our platform or a client-facing staff’s ability to lead a customer to value with our platform. It is our responsibility to create educational experiences that drive competency and successful performance with our product platform. This is what will drive a successful customer experience.”

—Rachel Moss Ellsworth, Manager, Program Strategy & Design

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Looking Ahead

Seismic is currently in the process of extending Seismic University into multiple languages to reach global audiences, as well as building out a more formal branch of internal L&D. It is continually working to empower both its internal and external audiences through education that enables proficiency, performance and confidence, influencing improved customer outcomes.