The Top 5 Reasons We Are the Leader in External Enterprise Learning

The Thought Industries platform is where hundreds of thousands of learners are getting better at what they do, every day. Why have so many organizations trusted their external learning to us?

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#1 Its purpose built for customer learning

It’s Purpose-Built for
External Learning

We built our system from the ground up to innovate external learning and help educate and train customers. It’s not an old-school LMS that was never designed with customer or partner learning in mind. We offer a variety of solutions for every external training need:

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#2 unlock the financial power of customer learning

You’ll Unlock the Financial Power of External Learning

External learning helps organizations improve their bottom line. Reducing churn and support costs, growing training revenue and increasing profitability are just a few of the results of joining The External Learning Economy with TI.

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3. We bring innovation to everything we do

We Bring Innovation to Everything We Do

Our visionary roadmap is accelerating customer learning. We constantly update our platform to make better experiences for our customers and their learners, with innovative features like:

Helium – Create exceptional, custom learning experiences using an open source, headless framework
Panorama – Easily license, customize, brand, and distribute content across groups/cohorts
Content Authoring Native Tools – Create compelling learning experiences
Monetized Learning – Turn learning into a revenue driver
Performance Reporting – Get insight into what’s working

#4 our customers are our partners

Our Customers Are Our Partners

We know time-to-value is critical for any customer learning initiative. We help you get onboarded and offer ongoing support to help you realize your vision and drive results.

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Blunder #5 ignoring quick possible wins

We Deliver High-Performance On-Demand, 24/7 Scalability

Learning is contagious. Once you successfully initiate external enterprise learning, it grows rapidly. Our multi-tenant solution scales with your organization to deliver an exceptional experience for thousands of global learners.

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“With Thought Industries, we were able to leverage our training content in a more meaningful way by using ecommerce, CRM and the ability to scale unique branded portals of training content to our various audiences.”

—David Stevens, Central Reach

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