Boost Learning Engagement with a Learning Engagement Platform

Keep your learners coming back for more with interaction-powered learning engagement tools.

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Assigned Programs

Give your admins the ability to add due dates to learning paths. Due dates can be rolling (e.g. 30 days after enrollment) or fixed on a specified date. Learner notifications can also be used to generate reminders about content due dates so learners can stay informed about expectations. With Assigned Programs, your learners  can:

  • View due dates on their dashboard learner access widget and the learning path page
  • Receive learner notifications
  • Complete the learning path before or after the due date

Promote Social Learning

Offer learners the ability to engage with peers virtually within your learning site and on their social platforms.

  • Communities
  • Testimonials
  • Video Discussion Boards
Promote Social Learning
Serve Up Contextual Learning within Your Product

Serve Up Contextual Learning within Your Product

Provide contextual learning with our embeddable technology. Bring the learning to your software or embed programs directly into your learning site with moment of need learning.

  • In-App Dashboard
  • Software Embed
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Adaptive Learning Paths

Deepen Engagement with Blended Learning

Impactful learning experiences combine different training methods both online and in-person to keep learners engaged and the experience personal.

  • Instructor-Led Training
  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training
  • Event-Based Courses
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Ensure Your Learners Have Everything They Need

Unmatched learner experiences remove the need for learners to hunt through past courses or volumes of content to find what they’re looking for – relevant materials are at their fingertips.

  • Bookmarking
  • In-Course Search
  • Workbooks
  • Inline Note Taking

Create a Fun Learning Environment with Gamification

Incentivize learners with gamification and leaderboards so learners can measure their success against peers.

  • Awards
  • Badges
  • Leaderboards
Gamification Example