Scalable Customer Learning for Manufacturers

Reduce Time to Competency, Increase Employee Retention and Connect your Performance Support to the Future

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Modernize your Manufacturing Training

Prioritize and engage your customers with the relevant, effective, and applicable skills they need to succeed. Share product knowledge, enhance customer experience, close knowledge gaps and position yourself as an industry leader to gain a competitive edge.

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Rely on Thought Industries to connect, customize, and analyze your training.

  • Certified Professionals

    Badging, training, and certificates to understand learner activity and connect success to product usage and revenue

  • Performance Enablement

    Data-enabled tactics (performance support, microlearning, adaptive learning) to motivate, measure, and develop customer & employee performance

  • Serve Multiple Audiences

    Focused on implementing personalized data strategies and operational practices to meet your strictest customer standards

  • benefits

    High-performing, intelligent, feature-filled solutions with unlimited scale for organizations of any size

  • Secure

    Multi-layered protection system committed to reducing risk, safeguarding data, and monitoring compliance

We know your industry and we’ve got your back

Streamline training processes, minimize errors, and gain unprecedented visibility into your customers’ learning challenges to increase product adoption. Integrate planning, scheduling, and course management to help you continuously improve training while controlling costs.

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Our CEO asked, ‘If the sky was the limit and you were going to pick the best LMS for us, which one would you pick?’, and I said ‘If you really want to wow the customers and show them all the stuff that we can do and just blow their doors off, then go with Thought Industries.”

John Autero, Manager, Technical Training Services

With our previous learning system, we weren’t getting the results we hoped for in terms of customer education. We were always running behind. With Thought Industries, we now work with not just product experts, but also thought leaders in the customer learning space, which makes the world of difference.”

Gretchen Edelmon, Principal Product Owner for the Digital Learning Experience

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