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With the Ti Platform, Train Customers, Partners, and Resellers to Drive Adoption, Retention, and Customer Satisfaction.

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Build Stronger Customer Relationships Through Customer Education

The cost to attain and retain customers has never been higher and switching solutions has never been easier. The TI platform enables enterprises deliver consumer-grade customer education programs.

  • Drive customer adoption
  • Increase customer retention
  • Grow your brand community
When we profile our accounts
that retain and stay with us,
we see that their overall retention
rates are two to three times higher when customers are trained than clients where we don’t see the same type of education coverage and activity.”

Ti customer, Fortune 500
Data Provider

Maintaining our 100% renewal rate and reducing our time spent in live training was crucial to our new approach to customer training.
With Thought Industries, we’ve
done both – maintained our 100%
renewal rate and a 74% decrease
in staff time spent training.”

Brittany Tamul, Arrrowstream

Modernize your Onboarding and Realize Faster Time-To-Value

The moments between a customer signing up and actually putting your product into action are critical to customer engagement. Modernize your onboarding experience and eliminate scheduling conflicts and juggling of customers.

  • Personalize onboarding experiences at scale
  • Curate experiences to help customers reach critical milestones
  • Develop blended learning with live and self-paced training opportunities
ArrowStream- Brittany Tamul quote

Personalized Experiences to Drive Continuous Customer Engagement

Fuel customer success with ongoing education about your product and services, features, updates, and industry trends. Customers will keep coming back for more with personalized learning experiences, socialization through gamification, and peer communities.

  • Drive upsell and expansion opportunities
  • Bring in new business through customer advocacy
  • Create a community through peer collaboration
We decided to sunset our own internal LMS and evaluate a platform focused and purpose-built for helping software companies leverage their training content in a more meaningful way by leveraging ecommerce, CRM and the ability to scale unique branded portals of training content to our various audiences.”

David Stevens
Senior Director of the CR Institute

Customer education platform example
Thought Industries provides an integrated system with built-in authoring, e-commerce, and multi-tenant delivery capabilities that we needed to continue our growth.”

Take Ownership of your Market Category

Customer education is an opportunity to differentiate yourself in the market, drive new leads, increase brand awareness, and take ownership of your market category. Position yourself as a thought leader with a consumer-grade customer education program.

  • Stand-out as a Thought Leader for your market through customer education
  • Establish a community of customers and prospects that engage around training and certifications that enhance their careers
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“Thought Industries is an amazing system. The multi-tenant and what you are able to do with each one is outstanding…Feature-rich system with video skills validation including digital coaching and scenarios. Thought Industries rolled in as the #1 learning system for 2023, and there is a reason behind that – they are just an awesome system.”

— Craig Weiss, The Craig Weiss Group

Craig Weiss Group Customer Education