Why Companies Switch From a Thought Industries Alternative

More than 50% of our customers chose Thought Industries after ditching their traditional LMS platform.

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There’s a big difference between a system built for small programs and one that’s built for big business. The low cost of a lightweight system is initially attractive, but the costs quickly increase as you outgrow their functionality – especially at the enterprise level.

  • Plug-and-play customer learning platform
  • Purpose-built to exceed the limitations of a traditional one-size-fits-all LMS


After evaluating many different platforms, Thought Industries’ learning management platform offers the most intuitive, and comprehensive system.”

Gus Savloff,
VP of Sales EyeMD EMR

6 Reasons Customers Leave their LMS and Move to Thought Industries

  • Connecting data to business results
  • Support when you need it
  • Powerful Integrations
  • Limitless customization and personalization
  • Content Authoring
  • Multi-tenancy learning environments

Connecting Data to Business Results

Thought Industries’ insights and reporting solution allows you to combine data in-app through easy-to-use, standardized BI connectors, making it easy to show the value and credibility of your program.

  • Connect the dots between learning experiences and business outcomes
  • Demonstrate ROI to senior leaders
Thought Industries provides us with critical functionality to deliver world-class learning experiences to our customers and partners with a compelling user experience, seamless integration with other business systems and technologies, and robust reporting.”

David Jeggle,
Head of Academy at Celonis

Support When You
Need It

With Thought Industries, you get a long-term partnership, real business outcomes, and best-in-class support from our professional services and research teams to drive success.

  • Other vendors overpromise and underdeliver beyond the onboarding process
  • They focus on upselling rather than providing genuine guidance and support
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Powerful Integrations

Don’t rely on complicated webhooks and workarounds to achieve what’s promised. Our deep, best-in-class integrations help you scale your business using open API

  • Plus a variety of ways to manage content and insights off-platform, including SCORM content, xAPI, and Salesforce
  • Easily implement a hybrid approach with both virtual and in-person training
Ti integrations 2.17.23

Limitless Customization and Personalization

Thought Industries empowers you with more options to customize, extend, and design seamless learning experiences.

  • Don’t waste money with lightweight customization options requiring expensive developer time
  • Take control over your brand experience
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Content Authoring

Creating educational content can be difficult and time-consuming – that’s why it’s important that your platform eases that burden, rather than add to it.

  • Our native course and content authoring allows you to build your fully branded, highly interactive online learning with ease
  • With ready-to-use templates, 25+ content types, custom HTML and CSS, and more
Being able to scale this training to customers all around the world is what we’re doing here. Before we implemented the learning center with Thought Industries, we were only able to serve a couple of dozen customers at a time. Now, with the new system, we can serve thousands.”

David Katzman VP of Strategic Accounts & Business Development

Multi-Tenancy Learning Environments

Make bulk uploading, disorganization, and shallow domain reporting a thing of the past with our multi-tenant, scaleable Panorama.

  • Provides you with the depth you need to create branded client experiences
  • Distribute, manage, and control custom content for partners and customers from one central admin experience.
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