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Create engaging, scalable online learning experiences that drive product adoption and revenue growth.

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Measure Impact & Diversify Your Revenue

Expand your reach and transform your education into a profit powerhouse with robust e-Commerce capabilities including multi-currency support and multiple purchasing options.

  • Seamless scaling for business growth
  • Expand reach and profitability
  • Efficiently manage training credits and subscriptions
  • Protect your data with industry leading security
Thought Industries has allowed us to scale our projects, and even reliably handle our Black Friday event, which accounts for a quarter of the year’s overall revenue. We’re grateful to have a partner that we can trust so we can focus on our mission of creating a more shared community of knowledge.”

Clyde Seepersad,
Senior Vice President for Training and Certification

We really focused on transforming our VILT delivery and automating manual processes. Over this past year, we’ve transferred all of our virtual events into Thought Industries, and we moved all of our training materials from paper to digital. We’ve delivered over 600 events on the platform to over 4,000 students. And, we’ve automated multiple manual processes to save over 350 hours per month for our operations team.

Gretchen Edelmon Principal Product Owner for the Digital Learning Experience

Personalized Learning Experiences to Increase Content Consumption

Engage your customers and deliver unforgettable learning experiences tailored to individual needs and preferences by creating learning paths to drive value and promote consumption.

  • Tailored learning paths & branded instances
  • Develop blended learning with in-person, iLT (instructor-led training) and ViLT (virtual instructor-led training)
  • Engaging content for diverse audiences
  • Optimized for customers, partners, and teams
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Drive Learner Success with Data-Driven Insights

Leverage powerful analytics to align your content with your customer’s goals and track your learners’ progress for better business outcomes with our reporting tools.

  • Customizable reporting tools
  • Actionable data-driven insights
  • Measure learner engagement and track progress
Executive Summary
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Streamline and Extend your Operations with Seamless Integrations

Integrate effortlessly with CRM, support ticketing, customer success, and financial systems to improve decision-making and enhanced collaboration across platforms.

  • Customized and tailored user interfaces
  • Improved data accuracy
  • APIs for endless possibilities

Curate Content & Centralize Knowledge

Create, customize, and deliver high-quality and diverse learning materials with our intuitive content-authoring tools for rich learning experiences.

  • Easily develop interactive courses
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Consistent branding across learning materials
For the first time, students can see their full training history in one place, which is huge for us. We’ve always had disparate systems for enrollment, grades, and course delivery. The opportunity to bring everything into one location is amazing. It’s hard to explain how valuable that is to us.”

Christina Lanham
Industrial Training International

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“Thought Industries is an amazing system. The multi-tenant and what you are able to do with each one is outstanding…Feature-rich system with video skills validation including digital coaching and scenarios. Thought Industries rolled in as the #1 learning system for 2023, and there is a reason behind that – they are just an awesome system.”

— Craig Weiss, The Craig Weiss Group

Craig Weiss Group Customer Education