Multinational Manufacturer Saves Hundreds of Hours Using the Thought Industries Platform

280 Hours

This international manufacturer switched from their homegrown LMS to Thought Industries to automate processes, save time, and improve the learning experience for thousands of customers.

This manufacturer develops automated tests and measurement systems that help engineers solve the world’s most complex challenges. This includes everything from new cell phone design, to rocket launches, and electric vehicle testing. They have around 7,000 employees globally, with the manufacturing team spread around the world.

Their original homegrown learning platform was designed primarily for an academic audience, including professors and students using their products in classrooms, but this wasn’t a good fit for their professional audience. They didn’t have the features they needed, such as learning paths, notifications, a learning catalog, and the ability to integrate their virtual training.

With such complex training needs, they needed a way to increase the breadth of learning functionality provided to their learners. This would not be possible with their original homegrown solution. In early 2020, they chose to work with Thought Industries.

The Thought Industries customer learning platform had all the functionality needed to create a modern, user-friendly customer education program. This included automating course registration and certificate creation processes, updating the look and feel in line with a corporate rebrand, and making all learning available on one platform, rather than requiring people to visit three separate sites to register for a course.

They also made use of the native authoring functionality in the Thought Industries platform, enabling them to create more engaging, interactive courses, combining videos, quizzes, activities and more to keep learners interested.

Some of the key results from the work with Thought Industries include:

  • Up to 8,000 active users a month
  • Productivity gains based on 280 hours returned to administrators
  • Automation gains are expected to return an additional 300 hours to administrators over the next 18 months
  • 100 virtual instructor-led training courses delivered monthly
With our previous learning system, we weren’t getting the results we hoped for in terms of customer education. We were always running behind. With Thought Industries, we now work with not just product experts, but also thought leaders in the customer learning space, which makes the world of difference.”

Principal Product Owner of Digital Learning Experience


This global manufacturer needed a way to bring together on-demand and instructor-led training for thousands of customers. They needed a new customer learning platform to support their ambitious new plans.


Thought Industries developed a new customer learning platform for them. The new platform automated learning admin processes to save time and effort and support a superior customer learning experience.

The Challenge

As this manufacturing organization grew in size and scope, it had outgrown its original homegrown learning management system (LMS), which could no longer be adapted to the changing needs of the global organization. Customer learning was always running behind products and software, and learning was not a priority within the organization. It would have been impossible to add the features and functionality needed within the requested timeframe and budget using the existing systems, so it was time to look for a new learning platform. It was an opportunity to bring together the learning team, which was previously spread across the organization, into a single customer education function, which would become a revenue center rather than a cost center.

With Thought Industries, we got the level of support, the intelligence and the involvement we needed for this project.

Principal Product Owner of Digital Learning Experience

Some of the other platforms we had didn’t have built-in authoring tool capabilities, and that was one of the big selling points for us, as it allows us to create much more engaging customer learning that drives recurring revenue.

Principal Product Owner of Digital Learning Experience

The Solution

They chose to work with Thought Industries to launch their new learning platform and customer education program. This included a new look and feel which tied into their website, single sign-on and automated processes using functionality from Thought Industries, Office 365, SharePoint, and Power Automate. An important element of this program was brining together on-demand, instructor-led (ILT) and virtual instructor-led training (vILT) in the same place, saving time for the customer education team, driving significant efficiency gains, and creating a better learning experience.

Productivity Hours Returned to Administrators Each Month
Virtual Learning Events a Month
Monthly Active Users
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Next up is to launch full self-service registration. This will remove the need for agents to help customers register for ILT and vILT, potentially saving up to 250 agent interactions a week, freeing up time to focus on education activities, including producing even more high-quality, advanced-level customer education such as “office hours” and “talk to an expert” sessions, to keep customer engaged and coming back for more.

—Principal Product Owner of Digital Learning Experience

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