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Take the guesswork out of proving ROI and securing buy-in from stakeholders with these templates & tools.

Higher investment in customer education leads to bigger program ROI

In our 4th annual customer education industry survey,  we partnered with premier global intelligence firm IDC to understand  the full impact of learning across the customer lifecycle.

Ultimately, we found that customer education is not only gaining traction in terms of adoption and investment, but that the level of quality and maturity of these education programs is also stepping up.

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42.7%Indicated spending for customer education technology will increase in the next year.

Customer Education improvements
lead to gains across the customer lifecycle

263%more Brand Champions

31%faster Time to Value

52%greater Product Adoption



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The Thought Industries Customer Learning Maturity Model

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An Introduction to Headless LMS
What is Headless LMS? The rise of on-demand eLearning content has brought with it a need for impactful digital experiences. For customer education teams and learning businesses, being able to design and deliver a highly contextual, dynamic, and personalized experience – without having to stay inside the rigid boundaries of a learning management system (LMS)
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State of Customer Education 2022: Insights into Impact, Maturity, & the Customer Lifecycle 
New Survey Data: The State of Customer Education 2022 As products become more complex, competition increases, and customer expectations grow, there’s no better time than now to invest in customer education. For our 4th annual State of Customer Education survey, we partnered with premier global market intelligence firm IDC to produce this InfoBrief illuminating the
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Customer Education
Birth of a Book: The Story Behind ‘The Customer Education Playbook’
A call came into the Thought Industries office on the heels of our Cognition conference in 2020. On the other end of the line was a representative of John Wiley & Sons, a global publisher specializing in research and career-connected education. The reason for the call? Wiley asked if we would be interested in developing
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Thought Industries’ Maturity Model for Professional Training Businesses: 5 Pillars to a Competitive Edge
What does it take to build a truly great professional training business? At Thought Industries, we think about that question all day, every day.  Leaders in the hundreds of businesses we work with often ask us: Are we on the right track?  What should we do next? What strategies are we NOT considering? What best
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Customer Education
How to Optimize LMS Integrations to Prove ROI
I often talk about the importance of maximizing integrations between Learning Management Systems and other systems of record. Whether you’re working in professional training or in customer education, LMS integrations give you a robust dataset to work with. Ultimately, you can unlock insights that can drive and prove ROI.  This centralized data can be used
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