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The Customer Education Playbook

How leading companies engage, convert, and retain customers
By Daniel Quick and Barry Kelly

There’s nothing Thought Industries is more passionate about than customer education.

That’s why our experts wrote the book on it and it’s now available for purchase! 


About the Book

In The Customer Education Playbook: How Leading Companies Engage, Convert, and Retain Customers, our own SVP of Content Strategy Daniel Quick and CEO Barry Kelly explain how partnering with customers to best engage with your products and services is the key to converting them from prospects to loyal advocates of your brand.

In this book, you’ll examine how to define success for your customer, create a customer education development plan, and pursue customer success and revenue metrics. You’ll also:

  • Learn why you should prioritize customer learning and invest in customer training and education
  • Discover how to create a detailed customer success and retention plan that emphasizes delivered value
  • Determine how to implement a learning strategy that maximizes and scales lifetime customer value

Perfect for founders, executives, managers, and practitioners at companies of all kinds, The Customer Education Playbook is especially practical for SaaS company executives seeking to extract and provide maximum value from their customers over the long haul.

Praise for The Customer Education Playbook

“Customer Learning is vital to any organization looking to educate their customers and/or grow their learning business. The Customer Education Playbook connects the dots to make sure your customer education is a success from pre-sale to renewal.”
– Mark Roberge, Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School and Former CRO at HubSpot


“The Customer Education Playbook is the most comprehensive and useful explanation of goals, techniques and value of customer education I have read…essential for customer success teams, customer education teams, or anyone responsible for exceptional customer education experiences.”
– Cushing Andersen, Vice President, IT Education and Certification research, IDC


“Customer Learning is the natural evolution in customer-centricity. This book gives any business the knowledge on how to educate your customers for increased retention and a competitive advantage in the Customer Success landscape.”
– Nick Mehta, CEO, Gainsight


“It’s time for customer education to move into the spotlight. SaaS companies dramatically increase customer retention when customers know how to use their products. Customer education is the catalyst for business growth, and the Customer Education Playbook is the spark to drive that growth.”
– Donna Weber, Author of Onboarding Matters and customer onboarding expert