2022 State of Customer Education Report

Higher Investment in Customer Education Leads to Bigger Program ROI

As products become more complex, competition increases, and customer expectations grow, our research shows that there’s no better time than now to invest in customer education.

Thought Industries partnered with premier global market intelligence firm IDC to produce this year’s Thought Industries State of Customer Education Report illuminating the impact of customer and extended enterprise education across the buyer journey.

What story does the data tell? Investments in customer education lead to profoundly positive results across the customer lifecycle. And, the maturity of your learning program makes a huge impact on the results you can expect.

Dig into our findings in our 2022 State of Customer Education Report — fill out the form to get your copy!


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There’s no doubt that Customer Education has a significant and quantifiably positive impact on the Customer Success function. If they haven’t already, Customer Success leaders should be integrating customer education capabilities into their operations.”

Cushing Andersen

Vice President, IT Education and Certification research, IDC