The 8 Components of Successful Customer Learning

Learn how to accelerate the growth and impact of your customer learning program.

After launching the Customer Learning Maturity Model, we sought to reveal the layers and components that the best programs use to impact their organizations across all 5 stages. Ultimately, we found 8 factors that inform how complex or high-performing a program might be, and they also serve to illuminate the gaps that need refining or extra attention.

The 8 most critical components that drive customer learning program maturity are: Advocacy, Discovery, Profitability, Engagement, Capacity, Measurement, Technology, and Team.

Follow this infographic to help gauge where you stand relative to other programs, whether you’re:

  • “Table Stakes” – Meeting the requirements for a solid program competing in the industry, or
  • “Best-in-Class” – Where innovation and high business impact reveal new opportunities at every turn

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