Life is Good Playmakers are Spreading the Power of Optimism

Life is Good Playmakers partnered with Thought Industries to scale their training and improve learner engagement.

Life is Good Playmaker Program provides training and support to professionals serving children recovering from traumatic experiences. The Playmaker Program goes beyond the classroom into hospitals and social services to help children heal. The resources provided by the Life is Good Playmaker Program needed to be optimized so they could extend their reach even farther into the world.

We feel like we won the lottery with Thought Industries.”

Steve Gross, Chief Playmaker, Life is Good Playmakers

The Challenge

Life is Good Playmakers sought out a learning solution to scale and extend their current training impact. At the outset of their search, Life is Good Playmakers thought they needed a custom platform to meet their unique brand and cause. They were at the point of contract negotiations when they reached out to Thought Industries to see what a customizable platform could do for them.

That’s when they realized, what they wanted wasn’t a custom-built platform, but rather a highly customizable platform. They switched their entire strategy to focus on how a learning platform could help them scale without losing any of their uniqueness.

We learned pretty quickly what we wanted wasn’t custom, but [a learning platform] that was highly customizable.”

Ellen Lempereur Greaves, Head of Program Operations

We don’t know what we’ll do next, but we know we want to go there with Thought Industries.”

Steve Gross, Chief Playmaker, Life is Good Playmakers

The Solution

Life is Good Playmakers found in Thought Industries everything they needed to distribute training and learning to their learners. Through this, they’re able to support over a million children around the world.

Key contributors to their success include:

  • Outstanding partnership and services provided by the Thought Industries Product and
  • Support teams to get Life is Good Playmakers online
  • Native Course Authoring tools that allow them to create immersive, interactive content that reflects their brand
  • Blended Learning experiences that extend in-person courses into an online continued education path
  • Customization that is as intuitive as it is flexible
  • Boundless opportunities for continued growth
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“Learning doesn’t stick with a single in-person experience. When we can reinforce that learning experience and create a continuum of learning… it deepens our impact.”

—Ellen Lempereur Greaves, Head of Program Operations, Life is Good Playmakers

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