For-Profit Learning

Discover new revenue opportunities

Easily create and offer premium content, courses, Instructor-Led Training (ILT), and service packages as part of a monetization strategy for your customer learning offerings.


Turn premium content into a profit center for your business

Promote more valuable content pieces —  at a premium price and transform your expertise into revenue.

  • Paid live webinars and instructor-led training 
  • Premium content and courseware offerings
  • Recurring time-based subscriptions

Diversify revenue streams through expanded product offerings 

Offer premium upgrades and content packages to deliver a personalized experience to your customers.

  • Fully branded and dedicated customer learning portals
  • Enhanced packages for curated experiences
  • Up-sell premium content 

Powerful customer learning features and capabilities

A La Carte Purchasing

Sell courses and content directly to learners with integrated commerce capabilities.
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Content Licensing

Quickly license content to customers with the Panorama functionality.
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Blended Learning

Expand revenue opportunities by upselling and cross-selling your ILT, physical product sales, and more.
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Sponsored Learning

Fully skin learning environments for advertisers or partners as part of a sponsored learning strategy.

We did a lot of research before selecting Thought Industries as we wanted a platform that looked professional, had vast integration capabilities, and one that allowed our customers to use their Onshape credentials to access learning content, and we got that and much more with Thought Industries.

Noa Flaherty
Customer Success Manager, Onshape

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