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Platform Features

Design customized learning environments


Fully customize sites using custom colors, fonts, CSS, and HTML to match your brand.

Dedicated Portals

Create multi-tenant portals for customers, partners, or any unique grouping.

Site & Page Builder

Build mobile-friendly sites & pages on your own URL domain using drag-and-drop widgets.


Create interactive and engaging experiences

Content and Courses

Create courses and content right within the platform with integrated authoring tools.

Awards and Badges

Incentivize learners by offering custom awards, certifications, and badges for specific actions.

Learning Paths

Curate customized learning paths with prerequisites, assigned materials, milestones, and more.


Connect with your current technology stack

Salesforce Integration

Connect Salesforce with the platform to automate processes such as customer onboarding.

Webinar Integrations

Connect popular webinar tools such as Zoom, GoToWebinar, and WebEx for live learning sessions.

Third-Party Integrations

Integrate with common business applications to ensure data is tracked and updated in real-time.


Sell courses and content in a variety of ways

A La Carte Purchasing

Sell courses and content directly to learners with integrated commerce capabilities.

Recurring Subscriptions

Offer time-based subscription packages to help generate recurring revenue more easily. 

B2B Content Licensing

Utilize the Panorama functionality to quickly license content to B2B customers.


Improve how you manage your operation 

Learner Management

Add learners in a variety of ways such as Single Sign-On, redemption codes, and more.

Role-Based Permissions

Control specific access to areas of the platform for backend users and content experts.

Engagement Tools

Setup automated notifications, multi-step email tracks, and much more to improve communication.


Report across all aspects of your business

Site & Financial Metrics

Get full visibility into your learning operation with real-time dashboards and data visualization.

Learner Dashboard

Give learners a view of their own progress, leaderboards, and other ways to easily pick up where they left off. 

Performance Reporting

Understand how learners are moving through your content with heat-mapped reporting and progression reports.


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