Discover the World's First Learning Business Platform

The Thought Industries Learning Business Platform is a complete end-to-end solution that consolidates all of the major features and functionality needed to create and deliver exceptional online learning experiences to audiences of all types.


Site & Page Builder

Integrated Site Builder

Create websites & pages right within the platform with drag and drop widgets. Integrate with your current URL, or create a new domain altogether.

Fully Branded

Brand the entire web experience to make sure your logo, fonts, colors, and look and feel align with your corporate marketing standards.


Use pre-built, out-of-the-box templates or drop in custom CSS and HTML to create unique designs. Every web element can be fully customized.

Mobile-Friendly & Responsive

All sites, pages, and learner views are fully mobile and responsive, meaning your users can take courses and consume content on any device.

Native Course Authoring

Built-In Course Authoring

Creating courses has never been easier. Use drag-and-drop functionality to develop custom learning experiences with a variety of media and content types without leaving the platform.

Create Assessments

Quickly create tests, quizzes, surveys, tallies, workbooks, and other active learning elements. Also choose from a variety question types such as true/false, matching, multiple-choice, open-ended questions, and more.

Interactive Content & Social Collaboration

In addition to regular media types such as video, audio, and presentations, you can enhance the user experience with interactive content & social collaborations such flip cards, highlight zones, discussion boards, and instructor-led feedback.

Upload SCORM

Have your own SCORM files? Easily upload those course packages into our platform as standalone courses or specific components of another course, and continue to be able to track and report user progress and performance.


Integrated Monetization Options

Sell Digital & Physical Products

With eCommerce integrated right into the platform, streamline your ability to package, promote, and sell digital and physical products.

License Courses & Content

Provide your B2B clients that want to buy your courses and content in bulk with their own branded portals, seat-count assignments and user management controls.

Offer Subscription Packages

Sell subscription packages that give access to the entire catalog or specific courses. Integrate with fulfillment services to include physical products as well.

Optimize with Checkout Tools

To maximize conversion, use a variety of built-in checkout optimization tools such as bundling, discounting, free trials, and moveable registration points.


Real-Time Reporting, Tracking & Analytics

Learner Profiles

Let learners see which courses they can access and how they have progressed and performed with custom learner profile pages.

Course Engagement

Quickly see how users are interacting with your course with engagement heatmapping, completions and time spent within the course.

Client Usage

When licensing courses and content to B2B clients easily assign, track, and manage usage to better understand performance.

Financial Performance

Gain immediate insight with real-time dashboards, complete with financial data such as enrollments, purchases, revenue, and more.

Powerful, Flexible & Scalable Technology

Rapid Release Cycles

The platform receives 30 to 40 new features and updates every month, giving clients immediate access to new functionality as it is rolled out.

Seamless Integrations

Connect with other enterprise business systems such as CRMs, email tools, and more to ensure data is transferred seamlessly.

Embed Tracking Scripts

Easily embed a variety of tracking scripts from third-party vendors. Capture valuable data to optimize, track, and enhance your experience.

Cloud-Hosted & Secure

Thought Industries' cloud-hosted Learning Business Platform offers dedicated, monitored client clusters with 99.9% uptime.

New Release: Panorama

Deliver Content to Clients

Streamline the creation, management, and delivery of courses and content to groups, departments & clients.


Multi-Tenant License Access

License access to your coursewear and content to external organizations with seat provisioning.


Fully Branded Experiences

Deliver fully branded learning experiences to dedicated groups of learners in just a few clicks.


Content Management

Streamline updates to courses and content with parent/child relationships ensuring all materials are up to date.