Learner Notifications


Simplified Email Automation To Engage Your Learners

All businesses use email internally and externally, but when it comes to engaging with online learners within courses there are advantages of taking a different approach with email. Creating sophisticated marketing campaigns to attract and segment audiences using email and marketing automation systems like Marketo, Eloqua, or Mailchimp can help support this use case. However, building the workflows, trigger points, custom emails, and managing the systems can be time consuming and cumbersome.

'Learner Notifications' within the Thought Industries' Platform is email delivery and automation geared specifically for your learning audience, enabling you to easily create automated triggers which deliver custom emails to specific groups of learners. It can help to accelerate your ability to engage with learners, without having to create complex automation triggers and sync with the learning platform, although that is still possible if that is the goal. With 'Learner Notifications' the goal is to reduce time and complexity, while achieving a positive outcome and creating awareness for learners based on a variety of actions.

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