Why Educating Your Extended Enterprise Ecosystem Helps Businesses Get To Market Faster

Emily McLaughlin
May 4, 2017 12:27:10 PM

Business moves fast. Technology evolves fast. Organizations need to educate fast. Investing in a modern, customizable and innovative learning technology with advanced content distribution tools is your organization's best bet to get to market faster. 

In the extended enterprise training use case, organizations must focus on finding learning technology that allows them to quickly educate business constituents on products and services. To quickly summarize, the “extended enterprise” is a concept that suggests a company does not operate in isolation, but is dependent on a network of external business constituents such as partners, suppliers, dealers, resellers, customers and more. Each of these “external” constituents contributes to the success of the business.

In order to quickly get information about products and services out to your network of external business constituents, the organizations which make up your extended enterprise need learning technology that supports seamless, fast content edits --  because, again, business moves fast and technology evolves fast. Your learning platform needs to keep up. 

Content Creation and Management Tools

If you are evaluating various learning technologies, here are some features to look for in order to help scale content creation and management:

  • Design capabilities to build mobile-friendly, responsive learning sites and landing pages with no coding necessary.
  • Built-in authoring tools tools that can be accessed over the web instead of through 3rd party applications.
  • Drag and drop functionalityto make creating and and updating courses easy.
  • Multi-lingual capabilitiesto provide learners in foreign locations the ability to take courses in their native language.
  • Cross device functionality which allow learners to access learning in the field or on-the-go

These types of tools will allow you to create learning experiences faster, therefore helping your organization get to market faster.

Content Distribution Tools to Get To Market Faster

Enterprise organizations are tasked with distributing their learning content to many different groups of learners. In most cases, the same learning content is distributed across the board. For example, if your organization launches a new product and needs to distribute learning content to suppliers, resellers and dealers, the content will likely be identical. What might be different is the order, detail, or sequencing of these separate learning experiences.

Manually updating each piece of learning content is efficient use of time or resources which is why organizations should consider learning technology with content distribution or group management capabilities. Being able to update course content on a “parent” level, and then having that course content automatically update in each business constituent’s learning environment is an extremely valuable feature as your organization scales learning across your business.

Thought Industries’ Learning Business Platform™ features a set of functionality called, Panorama, enables businesses to streamline the creation, management and delivery of online content to groups and other businesses. This powerful set of capabilities lets businesses create fully branded online learning experiences and to provision multi-tenant access to courseware and content to dedicated groups of learners or business constituents.

These are all factors your organization should keep in mind when shopping for learning technology. During the research stage, consider technology that support your current business and content distribution needs, but also consider how your company might develop over the next 1, 5, or 10 years. To learn how the Thought Industries Learning Business Platform™ supports extended enterprise training, request a demo.

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