How Skills Assessment Powers High-Impact Learning at Scale

Understanding the impact of your training program on learners’ behavior and comprehension is tricky—and the way you assess learners is critical to becoming more data-driven.

In this 1-hour session, you’ll discover the methodologies behind assessing your learners’ skills—ultimately measuring the success of your curriculum, driving higher achievement for users, and building a more impactful training program.

Representatives from Thought Industries and Bongo will also spotlight the power of our partnering learning technology with assessment software, and what it means for successful skills validation.

You’ll also hear from Britt Andreatta, PhD, an expert on the science of learning, on using the right technology to achieve your highest training goals, better engage with learners, prove skills validation, and use those outcomes to re-optimize your learning strategy.

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Emily McLellan
VP, Partner Growth and Customer Success at Bongo

Britt Andreatta, PhD
CEO at Brain Aware Training

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