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Rachel Rheinhart
December 22, 2022

It’s been an exciting year – both in the learning industry and here at Thought Industries. We had two of our incredible thought leaders launch The Customer Education Playbook, we announced our newest product innovation with Helium, and had an incredible time at COGNITION22

Now, as we wrap up 2022, we’re looking back on the articles that were the most popular with our readers. With so many topics that matter to learning professionals, this list certainly covers a lot. Check out our top 10 list below!

10. 3 Types of Customer Education Certifications & How to Use Them

Upskilling, re-skilling, and leveling up at work is more important now than ever before – and that means learning programs like yours need to provide a way to reward customers’ achievements. If your program doesn’t include a certification or badging element, it may be time to consider building one. In this blog, we explore the 3 most common types of education certifications, why they matter to your customers (and your C-suite), and details on how to build your own exam for customers.

9. Tips on How to Educate Customers in the Acquisition Stage

We all know that customers are an organization’s greatest asset – this popular blog post explores the question of how to educate customers (and why it’s key in the long term). For organizations looking to grow and scale their business, developing an effective educational content strategy for customers in the early stages of the customer lifecycle is especially crucial. If you’re curious why training content is so effective even at this early stage, and what it can mean for your business to educate prospects, take a closer look at this article. 

8. Defining the KPIs that Drive Customer Education Success

We’ve talked with countless customers and prospects about their business objectives when it comes to training – and there are many KPIs that come up again and again. If you’re setting new goals for 2023, or want to rethink the metrics you use to tell the story of training’s impact on the business, this article is a great starting point to categorize and stack rank different learning KPIs.

7. Customer Success & Customer Education: Two Paths to the Same Goal

Readers loved this narrative from one of our own customer success managers on the deep connections between customer success and customer education. Often, it’s the realization of shared goals that allows teams to work more effectively together – this is a fantastic detailing of the shared vision and mission of these two teams, and is a perfect jumping off point for any customer education leaders looking to grow their cross-functional reach.

6. Creating Effective Self-Paced Online Courses

With so many remote learners, it’s critical to build best-in-class online courses to keep engagement high. This article lays out the two varieties of self-paced learning: fully asynchronous and semi-asynchronous. We know that sometimes the most challenging decision is where to start and what to build. Check out this article for strategies and tips to get started and build a successful online learning library.

5. 5 Secrets to Sell Courses Online with Subscriptions

This article dials in the many ways you can diversify your library of training subscriptions. There are so many ways to monetize, package, and sell your training – it can be difficult to know the right way to strategize. Take a look at this blog post to not only learn the fundamentals of subscriptions types, but dig in deeper to pros and cons of different payment approaches. 

4. 5 Successful Strategies for a Profitable Professional Training Business

As a professional training business, this article lays out 5 strategies that can be the foundation of your success. Read through for help with problem solving, planning for scale, brainstorming content, and more. Whether you’re selling direct to individuals or organizations, licensing or delivering learning, this blog walks through the 5 most important components of your strategy:

  •   Business Model: Identifying Opportunity
  •   Learning Product Distribution: Scaling Delivery
  •   Content Creation: Leveraging Expertise
  •   Technology: Choosing the Right Training Platform
  •   Monetization: Maximizing Your Assets

3. 9 Expert Tips to Sell Training Content Successfully

This article is a great resources packed with ideas for anyone currently selling training content online, but aiming to increase and expand their impact. If you’re curious to learn more about how to sell training courses effectively, to elevate above other vendors, or market to more discerning and discriminating customers, this blog post is a can’t-miss.

2. An Introduction to Headless LMS 

This year marked the launch of our innovative headless learning solution, Helium. This blog in our #2 spot is a great overview of what headless technology means for the LMS industry, and introduces readers to key features and functionality. Take a look to find where a traditional LMS falls short, and all of the top benefits of academies built and designed on a headless LMS. If you’re interested in learning more about Helium, schedule a free demo!

1. 22 Ways to Promote Your Training & Turn Customers Into Advocates

Our most-read blog this year was all about how to reach more customers… and use training to deepen the relationship with existing clients. From marketing tips, to bundling strategies, to better ways to collaborate cross-functionally, this blog is a fantastic resource for anyone looking for ideas to expand the reach of their training program. A successful learning experience should be able to both cast a wide net in terms of your customer base, as well as pull current customers in to learn more, engage with your brand, and become an advocate on your behalf. 

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