Enable Learning-led Customer Success Programs to Succeed

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Thought Industries
April 27, 2018

We’re thrilled by a new review of our Customer Learning Platform from Learning Light. Learning Light is a research-led eLearning consultancy and training company with in-depth knowledge and experience of how to succeed with workforce development.

“Perhaps THE Learning Platform every training business should consider if they wish to succeed in making money from marketing and selling learning and training,” writes David Patterson, Head eLearning Consultant at Learning Light.

Read the Learning Light review: The Customer Learning Platform from Thought Industries

Patterson has over 20 years of experience in management and strategy across a range of technology industries. Since joining Learning Light in 2005, he has advised and supported many UK, European, US, and global organizations in designing and deploying successful training and eLearning projects. In his role as Head eLearning Consultant, Patterson has been commissioned to produce research reports on learning technology markets. 

In the review, David outlines some of the top capabilities of the platform, including flexibility, content management, certification, marketing and selling, integrations, and reporting.

“The reporting is superb,” David writes, “in the way in which reports can be created looking at learner performance and engagement, naturally (but this platform does that very well indeed), through to reporting the learning business metrics as well.”

Users of the Customer Learning Platform are able to track web traffic and financial performance within the platform and visualize that data in easy to understand dashboards. From there, they can gain insight to easily spot where learners get caught up or how long each step of a course takes, and then use that data to improve the experience.

Learning Light dubs the platform “an excellent choice for training companies (or any organization delivering training to their clients, franchises or channel partners) that provide digital learning.” The ease of use, performance reporting, and range of integrations help users create a fully integrated solution with a strong emphasis on monetization.

“It is exciting and refreshing,” writes Patterson, “to see a vendor take such a clear approach to designing a learning platform from the single-minded perspective of making training delivery a business opportunity that directly contributes to the commercial aims of the organization.”

Patterson concludes: “This is a learning platform that will enable learning-led customer success programmes to succeed.”

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