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Introducing the Customer Learning Platform.

Deliver faster, more economical customer training 

Onboarding, training, and product support are time consuming and difficult to scale. Streamline the online experience and automate your customer onboarding. Deliver continuous education and updates and measure and optimize the customer journey.

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Improve customer success and satisfaction

Measure engagement, track progress and performance, and receive real-time feedback to uncover actionable areas to improve the customer education experience.

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Modernize the software education experience

Leverage engaging, interactive online learning—from onboarding to advocacy—to ensure your software customers get the most out of your product offerings.


Discover new revenue generation opportunities

Leverage the most powerful and comprehensive suite of monetization tools in the market to offer premium content, service packages, subscriptions, licensing, up-selling and cross-selling.

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Powerful customer learning features and capabilities

Customer Portals

Deliver dedicated portals for special customers and unique customer groupings easily and at no additional cost.
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Integrated Authoring

Integrated tools eliminate the need for third-party authoring tools and make content creation fast and easy.  
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In-App Training Dashboard

Embed in-context training within your software, so that users learn what they need to know without ever leaving the application.
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Certification Engine

Built-in certification engine eliminates complexity, making the certification process easy to manage, update, and document.

Software Embed

Embed your software inside the learning platform to offer live exercises and step-by-step product training.
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Panorama for Licensing 

Use Panorama to license content, segment groups, and manage many multi-tenant enterprise customers from one instance.
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Fully White-Labeled

Create a perfect complement to your look and feel with seamless brand-matching of your apps and website.
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Seamless Integrations

Robust set of integrations with critical and widely used platforms such as Salesforce, Citrix, Adobe, Marketo, and Hubspot.
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Powerful Commerce

Take commerce to a whole new level with subscriptions, bundling, taxation, licensing, service sales, up-selling, and cross-selling.
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Customer Training
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"We looked at over 35 LMS providers, but we wanted a partner who could give us the flexibility needed to both scale, and provide customized and mobile-friendly learning experiences."

—Valerie Kisiel, Chief Executive Officer, Innovative Educators

"We chose Thought Industries because the platform enables us to easily build out customized learning programs with simple drag and drop functionality, but is also powerful enough to reach a global audience."

—David Suzuki, CEO of Bio-Therapeutic

"We were able to create a customized experience that our customers love, that our team can easily manage and that ultimately generates new revenue for our business."

—John Bolton, CEO & Co-Founder, Craft Beer and Brewing

"We are thrilled to be opening up new educational opportunities for our members to make their businesses even better, and excited to be working with Thought Industries to help us provide accessible, user-friendly and engaging learning experiences."

Bridget Shine, CEO of IPG

"As the needs of our audience are constantly changing, it’s critical that we’re ahead of the game. Partnering with Thought Industries will allow us to create an online learning roadmap that will meet the content demands of our audiences today and years from now."

Roberta Muller, Senior Vice President Product Development, Northstar Travel Media

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