Introducing Thought Industries ‘Voice of the Customer’ Program

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Mike Daecher
September 6, 2018

Every month, Thought Industries customers spend hundreds of hours on our platform, creating next-generation learning experiences for their businesses. Every day we hear great ideas for new product features and enhancements. But tracking those ideas and updating our customers on our progress was not always organized. Until now.

We asked Thought Industries VP of Customer Success, Samma Hafeez, to share some insights into our new ‘Voice of the Customer’ program, and how you can make the most of this direct line to our Product Team.

What is the ‘Voice of the Customer’ program?

The best ideas and insights come from our customers who live and breathe our technology every single day. The Voice of the Customer program is a clear and effective channel that allows Thought Industries customers to influence our future roadmap and provide constructive insights to our Product team. Customers are welcome to share new ideas, request enhancements to current features, or provide general feedback. It’s essentially like voting. And every vote counts.

Why now?

Thought Industries is growing rapidly! With so many customers using the Thought Industries platform, and several thousand global users sending in brilliant product ideas, requests, and feedback everyday, we need a scalable, effective, and accountable channel to ensure your voices remain heard and a clear status is communicated back to you. We’re excited to announce that we have added new resources to our team to support this exciting effort.

What types of feedback are you looking for?

Have a brand new idea? Want to see a current feature or workflow modified or enhanced? Have general product feedback? We’d love to hear from you. Over 50% of our roadmap and platform design has been influenced by customers like YOU.

Why is gathering this information important for our customers? 

Businesses and organization are dynamic, with priorities, goals, technology stacks, and teams evolving every day. We recognize that our product must evolve as our customers evolve. To ensure Thought Industries continues to deliver relevant, scalable, and unparalleled value-driven technology, we need your help.

Our customers are our partners. You help us uncover blind spots and unlock new possibilities, enabling us to innovate at speed while maintaining a high standard of usability, security, and data integrity. As we act on your feedback, we pay those dividends back to you through new feature, product, and program releases. It’s a win-win cycle that helps us help our customers.

Is this sort of product feedback unique to Thought Industries?

Very few technology companies allow their customers to directly influence their product roadmap, instead relying on the vision of a few hands or enterprise customers to steer the ship. Product feedback often remains unheard, undocumented, or unvalued. It’s no surprise then that most users are currently unsatisfied with their current eLearning solution. At Thought Industries, we pride ourselves for being great listeners who care deeply about the sentiment of our customers. Businesses choose Thought Industries over many other established eLearning solutions because they know they have our very generous, large ears.

What are you waiting for? Submit your new product ideas and product feedback today. We’re waiting to hear from you!

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