Penton is Newest Business Customer to Tap Thought Industries for eLearning

Barry Kelly
Aug 5, 2015 2:06:00 PM

Earlier this month, with the help of Thought Industries, Penton launched a new online learning platform for its Agriculture market: (check out their press release here). The site allows Penton’s audience to find all Penton Agriculture’s online continuing education on a new site that is fast, modern and easy to navigate across all mobile devices as well as the desktop.


Penton Agriculture is one of Penton’s latest markets that are using the Thought Industries’ platform. Preliminary results show that the programs on the platform are “tracking ahead of expectations.”


Penton Education


This particular Ag platform will allow Penton to expand its course offerings as well as the regions they serve. At the same time, the platform enables agriculture professionals to access continuing education and training courses with interactive material including embedded videos, quizzes, photos and graphics.


This news comes on the heels of an explosion of online learning to improve an organizations engagement and drive new revenue streams. In fact, in the past few months Thought Industries customers have launched digital learning sites representing more than 50 different B2B and B2C brands including thousands of online courses, classes and videos.


Information Services Companies Love Learning

While we’re working with a number of organizations including consumer brands, product companies, associations and nonprofits, we’ve found that information services companies are a natural fit for launching an online learning business.

Not only are they appropriately staffed and organized to build profitable learning businesses, but they have a great deal of rich content that can be easily transformed into learning products of all kinds: guides, webinars, courses, programs and more.

Additionally, information services companies already have existing editorial teams, authors, and contributors, or “subject-matter experts” to serve as credible sources as well as established marketing and distribution channels that can promote and offer online learning to both existing and new audiences. Above all else, they often have pre-existing loyal audiences that trust them and look to them for advice.


The Takeaway

The Thought Industries platform enables organizations to deliver a variety of online learning product experiences from short-form learning or guides to in-depth certifications. With a robust feature-set, organizations can monetize content and deliver consumer and professional leaning products that can be packaged and sold in many forms.


If you’re interested in learning more about launching an online business for your brand, let’s talk!

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