Managing the Entire Learning Ecosystem

Emily McLaughlin
Jul 21, 2017 10:19:00 AM

Learning environments come in all shapes and sizes. Organizations may have environments for educating internal employees, selling learning direct to consumers, or licensing learning to businesses that then distribute to their employees or customers. Many have some mix of all of those activities in varying amounts.

In order to manage the entire learning ecosystem, regardless of your learning distribution model or what your learning environment looks like, it’s important to select an online learning technology with robust administrative, management, and reporting features. Not only will your organization want to manage learning within your ecosystem, but those learners will also want to manage the ecosystem for their perspective. 

Your Organization’s Ecosystem  

You created an online course and want to keep track of learners. It’s important to have management and reporting tools within your online learning technology to track learners—internally or externally—who have taken the course or are in progress. This will give your organization a clear view of the learning ecosystem from your perspective.

Administrative and management features will help your organization understand who your learners are and set up customer, role-based permission for access and reporting. Reporting features will help you track things like sales, course enrollment, learner progression, success metrics, and more. If your organization licenses learning to other businesses, those businesses might want a similar view of the learning ecosystem.

The Individual Learner’s Ecosystem

Your learner sees the learning ecosystem from a different perspective. While your organization views it on a higher, management level, the learner views it on a more individual scale. Learners want to keep track of the courses they are enrolled in, their progress, and their performance. Choosing an online learning technology that enables learners to do this and more will keep them satisfied and coming back to learn more.

By enabling these two different views of the learning ecosystem—your organization’s perspective and your learner’s perspective—your business will thrive and learners are sure to come back for more. Utilizing administrative, management, and reporting tools to create these ecosystems will make for an organized, engaging learning experience.

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