License Learning Content Using Online Learning Technology

Emily McLaughlin
Jul 13, 2017 10:30:00 AM

Frequently, learning technology such as a standard learning management system (LMS) can't scale with the ambitions of a learning content provider. Or, it may be that the provider built the learning technology in-house and now lacks the internal IT resources to adapt it quickly enough to take advantage of new sales opportunities. Another drawback may be that the learning technology in use by the learning content provider may not be flexible enough to address learner needs—or delivers a clunky user experience.

When it comes to choosing an online learning solution, there are a number of features your organization might want to consider prioritizing—even if you might not utilize them right away. Some of those features include:

  • Branding: Streamline the creation of branded online learning experiences by allowing administrators to quickly set up sites, drop in logos and customize the look and feel for each group or organization.
  • Licensing: Simplify the delivery of licensed learning and training content directly to your B2B customers within dedicated and secure online learning experiences with a custom URL.
  • Provisioning: Provide individuals, groups of learners or entire organizations with access to dedicated learning experiences and content. Choose a solution that allows your organization to easily upload or invite learners via registration, bulk import, redemption codes or through Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • Multi-level Reporting: Allow authorized users within your company or your outside organizations to track engagement and performance at the learner, course and group/customer level, providing the data needed to help optimize the learning experience at all touch points.
  • User Control: Select a solution with administrative operations features that allow you and your customers to restrict access to specific data based on permissions or roles.
  • Content Management: Content management features allow your organization to distribute courses to different groups of learners. The ideal solution allows you to manage "parent" courses and select which ones customers can access. After those selections are made, the parent courses can be linked to "child" courses so that content updates made within the parent course trickle down to the child courses as well. Revise once, populate all over.

License Learning Content with Thought Industries’ Panorama Functionality

To meet all of these potential requirements, Thought Industries created a new set of features within their Learning Business Platform called Panorama. Panorama includes all of the features listed above: Branding, licensing, provisioning, multi-level reporting, user control, and content management. These features are designed to help your organization improve the creation and management of courses and content while accelerating distribution of that content to your learners in innovative ways. While there's no reason to stop selling your great courses to those individual learners, broadening distribution by intelligently licensing your learning content will help you better serve the unique needs of your enterprise customers while increasing your revenue potential.

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