How AI Coach Supercharges Personalized Feedback at Scale

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Emily McLellan
September 5, 2023

If I had to name two high-impact elements of learning experiences, I couldn’t find better choices than learning-by-doing and personalized feedback. Both elements play a pivotal role in shaping business outcomes: 

  • Encouraging customers to engage with your product through hands-on experiences deepens their understanding and brings a sense of ownership. 
  • Personalized feedback acts as the compass, expertly guiding users, correcting errors, boosting motivation, and optimizing efficiency. 

This combination not only boosts satisfaction but also sets you up for greater brand loyalty, advocacy, and long-term success.

Watch AI Coach in Action

Video: How it Works – Bongo’s AI Coach

Learning-by-doing encourages active participation with materials, boosting engagement and retention. Real-time feedback empowers learners to practice at the right pace, allowing them to correct errors and refine their skills effectively. Without personalized AI feedback, this kind of practice could reinforce incorrect approaches, hindering skill development.

When you’re coaching face-to-face, watching learners in action and presenting feedback is pretty straightforward for any instructor worth their salt. But what about delivering hands-on experiences and personalized feedback at scale, once learners reach the hundreds, or the thousands? 

Curating a meaningful coaching experience for thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of learners, especially with a small instructional team, was exactly the challenge that we built Bongo’s AI Coach to address. AI Coach allows learners to refine their skills 24/7, receiving accurate, personalized AI feedback on how they can improve. 

Why Real-Time, Personalized AI Feedback Makes an Impact

The research has been tallied: personalized and adaptive feedback has the potential to raise learner performance and better engage users.

Adding the real-time element means learners can act in-the-moment. They can course-correct before they waste time practicing the wrong information or skills. 

With Bongo’s AI Coach, motivation is built into the process. AI Coach provides immediate feedback to the learner, including opportunities for improvement, areas of excellence, tone analysis, usage of relevant terms, tone analysis, filler words, and clarity. Learners can practice as many times as they want. And, they can upload additional videos and improve their scores and feedback as they go. 

Solving the One-to-Many Problem for Feedback

By utilizing the AI Coach, both trainers and learners save valuable time. Learners can practice on their own schedule, at a time when they’re most engaged and present. 

Meanwhile, training businesses can cater to a growing learner-base, providing meaningful and adaptive feedback on-demand, and around the clock — without the need to increase instructor headcount. 

Better Learning in a Comfortable Environment

Our ultimate goal is to provide a better learning experience for the end-user, empowering them to provide a stand-out performance on the job. That’s why learners can practice as many times as they want, and submit their best work. 

Knowing that the platform allows for limitless practice and experimentation has been shown to boost engagement and participation, with the peace of mind that work can be viewed and revised judgment-free until each learner is completely ready. 

Make Personalized AI Feedback Part of the Future of Learning and Coaching

Scalable, personalized feedback improves the learner experience, as well as in boosting learner outcomes. Future developments will further enrich AI Coach to provide more targeted and relevant feedback relative to course content, enabling more authentic validation of skills at higher scales.

Come join us on the forefront of this seismic shift! Learn more about AI Coach and get in touch for a custom demo of Bongo on the TI platform.

Emily McLellan is the Vice President of Partner Growth and Customer Success at Bongo.

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