Consumer Learning Solutions: 3 Ways to Build a New Profit Center

Barry Kelly
Jun 24, 2014 7:18:00 AM

Consumer learning solutions offer companies the opportunity to connect with potential clientele with online courses. By designing their own virtual course catalog, companies can learn more about their consumers, establish themselves as experts in the field, and build a relationship with their customers founded in trust. Here are the three ways you can implement consumer learning solutions as part of your company’s online strategy.


1. Learning for Sale.

We’ve all purchased information before--whether it be a cookbook, a magazine subscription, or a summer course at a local college. With the learning for sale model, a company can design an online school with courses appropriately priced for purchase. Check out Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine’s online course library.They’re one of our clients who’ve implemented this model flawlessly. By selling courses directly, companies can create an additional revenue stream outside of their basic activities, while simultaneously establishing themselves as leaders in their industry. With the learning for sale model, it can often be beneficial to include an instructor in the course, ensuring that customers have all of their questions answered and that no one ever leaves a course feeling unsatisfied.


2. Content Marketing.

Consumer learning solutions represent an incredible opportunity for content marketing. As opposed to blogs and video channels which need constant upkeep, an online learning course, once authored, can reap dividends for an extended period of time. Online courses demand a high-level of engagement from users, proving to be a more valuable content marketing tool than other media that can’t engage users at the same level. As consumers put time and energy into your online course, they begin to familiarize themselves with your brand, trusting it, and thus being more likely to return for their related purchasing needs. For more information, be sure to read our post on the value of including educational content in your content marketing strategy.


3. Ad-Supported Learning.

Some companies prefer to offer their courses online for free, making their profit through advertising revenue. Advertisers can sponsor a specific course or an entire school, putting their brand in front of active, engaged, and interested consumers. Our platform allows advertisers to inmplement branded color schemes and pre-roll footage, tastefully integrating their advertisements alongside the curriculum. Our online platform generates extensive date and customer insights, enabling advertisers to adjust their marketing plan as necessary to reach it's maximum potential.


Of course, there's no reason to limit your company's implementation of consumer learning to just one of the three above options. There are no barriers between these types of implementation. Some of our clients use a hybrid of two, or even all three. Regardless, bringing consumer learning into your website will help create a new profit center from which both your company and you customers can reap tremendous benefits. 

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