COGNITION 2022 Will Spotlight Women Leaders in Enterprise Education

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Rachel Rheinhart
September 23, 2022

Our 3rd annual virtual conference, COGNITION22, will take place from October 4-6. It will be a great opportunity to network with other leaders in enterprise learning – and a monumental platform for women leading the industry. Our COGNITION22 agenda is packed with sessions by thought leaders in education, workshops and roundtables with peers, and much more. 

Register now to join us for this exciting virtual event spotlighting inspirational women in customer education and professional training. You’ll hear from:

Check out this list of a few of the sessions we’re most looking forward to:

Debbie Smith on Product Education Versus Customer Education

Product training and customer education are often conflated or confused as the same thing. In fact, many people use these terms interchangeably. In this session, Debbie will guide us to ask questions and explore whether these specific terms really matter – is it just semantics or is there really a clear difference? Can an organization do both? Should they do both? Join Debbie to discuss the difference between product training and customer education, and discover the metrics that really matter.

Smith, a leader in customer education, has built a career around enabling customers to unlock value and achieve their goals through technology. As a member of the CE community, she is a sought-after mentor and thought leader in the industry. She’s led large and small teams at various SaaS companies, and is currently VP of CEdMA and Checkr’s Director of Education. She has contributed to 2 books and many podcasts and webinars. 

Walking away from her session, you’ll clearly understand the difference between product training and customer education. And, you’ll know how to make the shift toward customer education, and target the most important metrics along the way.

Debbie Smith’s session will take place at 3:00pm ET on Tuesday, October 4th. 

Panel Session: 5 Takes on Innovation in Learning 

How do you build modern strategies and innovation into your learning? This all-star panel will identify what helps them innovate within their own programs. Together, they’ll hold a discussion on best practices, exciting strategies to launch new processes, and reflections on successful innovation.

Meet the women behind this exciting COGNITION22 panel session:

  • Nicole Sy, Director of Global Education & Enablement Development at Medallia, brings over 25 years of design and development experience. She started her career in print advertising and marketing, before making the leap to web design.
  • Niyati Shah, Head of Customer Education at GitLab, leads her company’s global strategy and execution for training. Previously in her career, Niyati co-founded, built, and marketed MongoDB’s online training platform, now used by 1.5+ million developers.
  • Silvie Liao, Learning Technology Manager at Contentful, leads a team responsible for the Contentful Learning Center, improving learner experience and customer satisfaction.
  • Katie Cox, Manager, Education at Ada, is a learning designer with a passion for providing engaging courses, developing relationships through learning design, and fostering professional development.  
  • Rebecca Peltz, Curriculum Program Manager, Developer Education at Cloudinary, is a best-in-class web engineer and programmer who has moved into teaching and creating educational content

Don’t miss this lively session, where you’ll learn: 

  • How to distill your own innovative techniques, 
  • Ways to step back and reframe how you innovate, and
  • Strategies to relate innovation to engagement.

This panel session will take place at 2:15pm ET on Wednesday, October 5th.

Maria Manning-Chapman on The New World of Education Services: How Do You Measure Up?

Maria Manning-Chapman, distinguished VP of Education Services Research at TSIA, brings over 25 years of education experience in technology. Her diverse knowledge of education spans from the fundamentals of content design and delivery, to education services strategy and execution.

In her session at COGNITION22, Maria will examine the ways that the XaaS business model has forever changed the way the world conducts business – and training. All too often, according to Manning-Chapman, education organizations rely on traditional strategies to serve this new, non-traditional model. With a focus on product adoption for your company – and value realization for your customers – education organizations must learn a new set of capabilities to successfully serve both. 

Learn more about customer training and how it ranks on the traditional versus contemporary scale. You’ll also gain an understanding of the changes you’ll need to make to poise the education organization for success.

Maria Manning-Chapman’s session will take place at 3:15pm on Wednesday, October 5th. 

Kristen Hayer Moderates Session on Expanding your Market: Training as a Growth Strategy

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to leverage training to promote brand awareness, build market categories, and drive expansion. While many of us think of training as a powerful post-sales strategy, it can also be an incredible growth engine. 

Consider this: in today’s economy, most potential customers conduct research online before buying. They are seeking knowledge and information. Sometimes, they are even hoping to develop a skill.  Training can be used to establish your organization as an authority in your industry, reframe problems in the context of your solution, and highlight the promise of your brand. 

Join moderator Kristen Hayer, Founder & CEO of The Success League, who brings over 25 years of experience in success, sales, and marketing in this lively panel discussion on developing a high-impact growth strategy with training.

She’ll be joined by Jamie Duncan, Senior Director at Bain, a leader of the firm’s Capability Building team. He works closely with Bain’s priority clients to create bespoke capability building experiences, spanning L&D strategy and program design to content creation and delivery. And, Kristen will be joined by Danielle Chircop, Chief Product Officer at General Assembly, who brings 17 years of experience in adult education, with over a decade of leadership in instructional design, product, and technology. Prior to General Assembly, Danielle was VP of Digital Product at Kaplan North America.

This COGNITION22 panel session will take place at 12:00pm ET on Thursday, October 6th.

A highly sought-after and engaging speaker, Dr. Britt Andreatta’s courses on and LinkedIn Learning have received over 10 million views worldwide. She’s the author of Wired to Grow and Organizational Learning and Development, and we’re thrilled to have her join us for COGNITION22, where she’ll share best practices (and next practices) in learning. 

Research on the neuroscience of learning adds new understanding to how the brain learns, builds memories, processes failure, and shifts behavior. These findings are shaping how learning should be designed by educators and experienced by learners. At the same time, technology has completely transformed what is possible in learning, making it not only faster, but also more realistic, effective, and affordable…if it’s used correctly. Dr. Andreatta will explore these modern trends (and potential pitfalls) in this exciting keynote session on the future of learning. 

Dr. Britt Andreatta’s session will take place at 3:00pm ET on Thursday, October 6th. 

Register now for COGNITION22!

COGNITION22 will be packed with insights and inspiration from leading women across the learning industry – just a handful of whom we’ve mentioned here! Check out our full agenda to see who else will be joining us at this year’s virtual conference. 
Register now to save your spot for COGNITION22, where you’ll connect with (and learn from) leaders across the enterprise learning landscape, and undoubtedly take home invaluable insights on how to take your program to the next level. 


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