Zapier Integration


Zapier moves information between web applications automatically. It can be used to connect Thought Industries to hundreds of other applications.

To setup Zapier, you first have to accept this invite.

After you’ve accepted the invite, follow the steps below to add an integration:

  1. Click Make a New Zap and click on Thought Industries icon.
  2. Select the trigger you want to start with (e.g. new email captured). Click Save + Continue.
  3. Click Connect to New Account and enter your TI host as prompted, for example or Do not include https:// or /.
  4. Enter your API key which you can find on the TI platform here: Click Yes, Continue.
  5. Click Test Account to confirm it is working. Click Save + Continue.
  6. Now, login to your school and go to Notifications: https://www.mycustomdomain/learn/manager/notification
  7. Click Add Notification and select the event you are setting up (e.g. email is entered by user) and paste the web hook URL provided in Zapier. Click Save.
  8. Zapier will prompt you to go and complete the event to trigger the web hook. Note that you cannot be logged in as Admin when to trigger events. You must log out or test in private browse mode.
  9. Once you’ve triggered the event, got back to your Zapier dashboard and see that the test was successful. You can then view the way the data comes over in the web hook. Zapier will use this as an example for setting up the rest of your Zap. Click Continue.

The next steps depend on what you are connecting to. Below is an example connecting to Hubspot:

  1. Search for your Action App – for example Hubspot.
  2. Select the action you want to take in Hubspot. So for example, if you want all email captures to “Add a Contact to Workflow”, select that option. Click Save + Continue.
  3. Click Connect a New account and enter your Hubspot ID. Then click Yes, Continue.
  4. Click Test Account to confirm it is working. Click Save + Continue.
  5. That’s all, you’re done!