figure-1 allows you to collect customer data with one API and send it to hundreds of tools for analytics, marketing, and data warehousing. It can be used to connect Thought Industries to hundreds of other applications

To setup Segment, you will first add a source. Simply click “Add Source” and choose the Javascript source and click Connect. Feel free to fill in the remaining fields with what you will find most helpful. Click “Create Source” and then click the source you just created. Segment will show you the Write Key for the source.

Once you have your Write Key, navigate to your Company Settings in the management interface and fill in the “Segment Write Key” field with your Write Key. Don’t forget to hit save.

You can then enable any integrations on the source in Segment. The setup for each integration differs, so we are unable to provide specific help for a particular integration, but Segment’s Support can help guide you.

We automatically send all tracking script events to Segment, as well as all of our realtime webhook notifications. We also automatically send an “identify” call for every student. To find out what each event contains, Segment automatically builds a Schema of all events which you can access in the source you created. Simply perform the events in TI and they will automatically appear in the Schema after a short period of time. From there you will be able to view the properties on each event.