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Educate and Train Your Entire Business Ecosystem

The Thought Industries’ Learning Business Platform™ is designed to deliver highly-engaging online training, education or certification programs to customers, partners, distributors, resellers, and more. With no programming or third-party software necessary, organizations can now quickly create fully-branded learning programs, track user engagement and show real ROI.


Connect with customers on new levels with engaging learning experiences designed to develop relationships and increase customer satisfaction.


Create interactive learning experiences for partners in minutes, and deliver important information and training on products, services, and strategy.


Distribute content, education and training materials directly to resellers, ensuring they have the latest information on products and services.


Quickly develop in-depth training, education and certification programs for employees on products and services, ensuring up-to-date skillsets.

Quickly Deliver Training on Products & Services

Create Custom Sites

Quickly create learning sites or easily clone and brand multiple sites for specific customers and partners. Leverage content distribution capabilities to seamlessly push new courses, content and updates across all learning sites.

Create Courses & Training

Put the power of custom course and program creation in the hands of subject experts with drag and drop functionality. Easily author engaging online experiences in a variety of formats without writing any code.

Deploy & Scale Quickly

With easy to use tools, businesses and organizations can quickly deploy and scale learning programs on a global scale. Replicate and update sites and content, and more with ease. 

Track User Progress

Leverage powerful reporting and analytics to track users progress and course completions. Show leaderboards for the most engaged users or companies, and start showing a ROI.


Benefits of an Extended Enterprise Learning Strategy

Faster Time to Market

Streamline new product releases, onboarding and changes to corporate strategy. Leverage learning to produce faster product launches, improvements to process and more effective communication.

Higher User Engagement

Well-crafted learning experiences can increase user engagement across all channels—from internal employees to customers, resulting in higher adoption rates and more opportunities to improve performance.

Decreased Costs

Live training and support for learners can be expensive. By shifting towards an online strategy, information can be delivered less expensively and more efficiently, lowering costs and streamlining new roll-outs.

Profit Through Knowledge

Education, training and information is at the core of any business. By integrating an online learning strategy, organizations can ramp up faster, sell more effectively, and generate higher returns.



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