Trading College enhances learning experience with Thought Industries


About Trading College

Trading College is a United Kingdom-based company that teaches students how to trade the markets. The organization is using the Thought Industries Learning Business Platform™ to deliver online learning to individuals interested in trading the market full-time or earning supplemental income streams.

Lee Sandford, MSTA, CFTe MD, trader and mentor, began trading the financial markets. In 2009, Sandford established Trading College in response to a high demand from other traders asking to observe him in action.

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The Problem

Before partnering with Thought Industries, Trading College used a very limited learning technology to deliver their experiences. Stylistically, the courses within the old technology were very stale and static, and they didn’t offer many different types of content to suit the different learning styles or Trading College learners. ”Our old online course was very ‘sit down and watch,’ and there was no interaction at all,” explained Katie Goring, Digital Marketing Manager at Trading College.

The Goals

Trading College currently offers three different courses to students: The eight-week Ultimate Trading Programme, the introductory Apprentice Trader course, and the Market Matrix course which touches on the economics of trading. Over the next few months, the organization plans to add several additional courses to expands their online learning offerings.

The eight-week Ultimate Trading Programme course was previously offered in-person in the United Kingdom. “Because we have been more in-person based in our teaching before, we were looking for the same engagement and longevity with our learners but within an interactive online experiences,” says Lee Sandford, founder of Trading College. “Keeping up engagement is a big goal of ours, and we feel like we can do that with the Thought Industries platform.”

Why Thought Industries?

The choice to go with Thought Industries was simple for Trading College. The organization saw a lot of similarities between their company and Thought Industries, being innovative and cutting edge with their offerings. Trading College appreciated how frequently new platform features were developed, and how that mirrored their internal processes.

The Result

Since moving over to the Learning Business Platform and incorporating new learning content types into their courses, Trading College has found that learners are significantly more engaged. The quiz content type is generating the most engagement within their courses, and Trading College can make adjustments to the course using heat mapping and engagement reporting.

Trading College launched their new online, interactive learning experience in late March and they are happy with initial enrollment and engagement. Their first round of the eight-week Ultimate Trading Programme had dozens of participants enrolled. Overall, learners were happy about the move from in-person to online education for this course. Each week they are also able to attend live webinars and put their learning into practice by monitoring the markets during the week and trading live with their course tutor.
"Keeping up engagement is a big goal of ours, and we feel like we can do that with the Thought Industries platform."

Lee Sanford
Founder, Trading College

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