ZoomInfo powered by DiscoverOrg Increases User Activation Over 100% within 9 Months


When it came to customer training, DiscoverOrg knew they needed more than an LMS

When Tom Studdert, Vice President of Learning & Development for DiscoverOrg (now ZoomInfo powered by DiscoverOrg), a global leader in go-to-market intelligence solutions, started ideating on a customer training initiative, he knew that any old learning management system wasn’t going to do the trick. DiscoverOrg needed a platform that was scalable, reflected their brand, and had an unmatched user experience for both their learners and administrators. Thought Industries reached out to DiscoverOrg during their search for a new platform and they were blown away by the user experience and dedication to customer-facing training.

Thought Industries is a robust platform and the onboarding process they outline is intended for your success. We used every minute and resource available to us to launch on time. That process set us and our new initiative up for the great success we’ve seen every day since.”

Tom Studdert, Vice President of Learning & Development, DiscoverOrg


DiscoverOrg’s previous LMS focused on employee training but they needed a platform focused on customer training.


Using the Thought Industries platform allowed DiscoverOrg to transform their customer experience, resulting in a 100% increase in user activation.

The Challenge

With their previous solution, DiscoverOrg was only offering the most standard onboarding and follow-up for product training with very low engagement. User engagement directly indicates whether or not the product is being adopted — when a product has low engagement it often has higher churn. When Tom realized their engagement was low, he recognized an opportunity to improve engagement through more effective product training that motivated users to return and engage in the platform more deeply.

He started by diagnosing a few key areas that are essential to boost and monitor user engagement. First, he needed the ability to to deep-link using Single Sign On (SSO). Deep-linking with SSO enables learners access to content without the need to log in to the DiscoverOrg University again, increasing the likelihood of completing the action. Combined with improved reporting on user engagement and activity and a robust Salesforce integration, the DiscoverOrg team could measure the impact of these changes on the customer adoption process, while removing a key barrier to user engagement. Without each of those elements, executing an effective customer-facing initiative was impossible.

The best training platform for DiscoverOrg needed to include:

  • Deep linking with SSO without redirect-overkill
  • Modern, branded customer experience
  • Tight Salesforce integration
  • Support various content types including SCORM, videos, PDFs, etc.
  • Diverse course offerings (on-demand, instructor-led, self-paced, etc.)
  • Administrative control over features and access
We really sought a platform that was focused on customer-facing training and materials, and that’s what we found when we were presented with Thought Industries.”

Tom Studdert, Vice President of Learning & Development, DiscoverOrg

Despite allusions made by the competition, Thought Industries has a really tight Salesforce integration. A key component for us is their ability to sync the certifications to Salesforce. This was essential for any platform we selected as our executives primarily report from Salesforce.”

“The learning widget that can be embedded into our platform was something no one else had and stood out as a clear differentiator in the buying process.”

Tom Studdert, Vice President of Learning & Development, DiscoverOrg

The Solution

Thought Industries exceeded DiscoverOrg’s expectations for success both through the sales process and the DiscoverOrg University product launch. Their success led them to transition their newest acquisition, ZoomInfo, to the Thought Industries platform for customer training.

DiscoverOrg extended their previous offerings of just customer onboarding and follow-up to include on-demand best practice training. This change plus their new, modern platform brought DiscoverOrg a 100% uptick in user activation.

Their successes include:

  • Averages 900-course completions per month
  • From 916 average monthly logins to over 2000 monthly logins, a 118% increase in average monthly logins
  • Doubled the number of return visitors to their site
  • 100% uptick in user activation
Course Completions per Month
Increase in Average Monthly Logins
Return Visitors to Site
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“Every KPI that we set has been blown out of the water in just 9 months.”

—Tom Studdert, Vice President of Learning & Development, DiscoverOrg

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