Customer Onboarding

Start customers on a path towards success

Empower new customers to quickly understand how your products work and find early success with impactful onboarding experiences. 


Curate and customize the onboarding experience

Help customers feel comfortable early on by offering a learning framework and onboarding experience which guides them towards their first success with your products.

  • Learning pathways
  • Self-paced or on-demand
  • Curated dashboards

Utilize your course and content offerings in meaningful ways

Open up endless possibilities for delivering a more impactful onboarding experience by taking advantage of new ways to deliver your content and expertise.

  • Introductory learning experiences
  • Contextual learning
  • Scheduled virtual trainings

Powerful customer onboarding features

Curated Learning Paths

Control, distribute, and monitor the learner's experience as they move through multiple pieces of content.
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Customized Learner Dashboards

Let learners see their progress in real-time, and promote additional course and content offerings.
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In-App Training

Embed in-context training within your software, so users can learn without ever leaving your application.
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Software Embed

Embed your software inside the learning platform to offer exercises and step-by-step product training.
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Case Study: How to Scale Your Onboarding from 12 to 12,000

Onshape's project team knew they had to deliver an exceptional user experience their customers would embrace. As David Katzman, Vice President of Strategic Accounts and Business Development explains, “One of the challenges of bringing a new product to market after 25 years is that we face a very entrenched market. So, one of the big obstacles we need to address is onboarding, or bringing people up the learning curve as fast as possible so that they can use our software effectively.”



When it came to selecting a platform, the Thought Industries’ Learning Business Platform stood out because of its advanced eCommerce functionality, the flexibility of deployment, and overall comprehensiveness.”
Matthew Schulte - SVP Financial Planning, eMoney Advisor

Matthew Schulte
SVP Financial Planning, eMoney Advisor

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