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Learner Management
Give Learners Access & Visibility to Programs

Manage Learners & Groups of Learners

Grant learners access to your courses as individuals or groups. Then, use learner management features within the platform to improve communication and engagement.

Engage & Interact in Real-Time

Use discussion boards, website chat functionality, and personal or group emailing to better engage learners and keep lines of communication open.

Provision Access Multiple Ways

Upload users and grant access to the appropriate courses via secure single sign-on (SSO).

Monitor Engagement & Performance Data

Get full visibility into engagement and usage for each individual learner or groups of learners using Thought Industries' robust reporting features.

Grant Access to Content Faster

Use Thought Industries' learner management features to grant access to your content quickly and easily. Provide registration pages, redemption codes, single sign-on, or provisioning access from a CRM -- the choice is yours. 

Understand Your Learners Better

Start to understand your learners better as they interact with your courses and content. Use A/B groups, content, and more in order to provide the most engaging experience possible.

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Additional Platform Features
Course & Content Authoring
Get a 360-degree view into the performance and engagement of your learners, or groups of learners - from scoring to progression.
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White-Labeled Sites & Portals
Create fully branded learning sites & dedicated portals which can be built with drag-n-drop widgets or customized with CSS.
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Content Management
Organize, tag, categorize and update courses and content with ease with powerful content management capabilities.
Panorama: B2B Licensing
Understand where learners are getting caught up, or how long they are taking at each step of your course in order to improve the experience.
Commerce & Monetization Capabilities
For organizations licensing and distributing content to other B2B clients and partners, get full visibility into engagement and usage.
Credit Tracking & Gamification
Create custom gamification and badging programs, upload icons, and create custom credit rewards.
360-Degree Reporting Insights
Understand where learners are getting caught up, or how long they are taking at each step of your course, in order to improve the experience.
The Thought Industries' Platform comes with many out-of-the-box integrations and an open API for custom integrations.