CLM Solves
Customers’ Complex
Learning Needs

Today’s employees and professionals use more sophisticated and specialized products to do their jobs. Their need to acquire knowledge has never been greater and their patience for acquiring it has never been shorter.

The Old Ways Don’t Work

Today’s businesses recognize that ad-hoc approaches to customer
learning, with home-grown, or repurposed LMS systems just don’t cut it.

Inconsistent training and low product adoption

Can’t scale to accommodate growth

Frustrating user experiences

No support for multiple, real-time learning paths

No support for advanced ecommerce

Lack of flexibility for large training operations


Customer Learning Management

To overcome customer learning challenges, businesses need a systematic,
strategic approach to delivering the knowledge that helps their customers succeed.

CLM Fuel Expertise


Quickly turn
customers into

CLM- reduce teaching time

Teaching Time

Reduce the human
hours needed to teach
and train customers

CLM- provide a platform

Provide a Platform

A single source
of knowledge for product
features and functions

offer insights clipart


Provide strategies
for customer success
and best practices

A Purpose Built Learning Solution for Today and Tomorrow

Because learning must be as continuous as the lifetime of a customer, CLM allows them to stay abreast of changing products as roles, markets, and needs evolve. CLM enables and empowers every customer to navigate the rapid changes of today’s business, and that fuels the Customer Learning Economy.

  • Manages users, their content permissions, the grades and certifications
  • Creates compelling learning experiences with native authoring tools that allow a variety of learning modes
  • Allows content to be syndicated to particular audiences based on their role, organization, geography or level of expertise
  • Delivers the learning digitally, in person or in hybrid form, at scale for global audiences
  • Provides the commerce engine to monetize learning, including a la carte or subscription pricing, bundling of learning and payment transactions
  • Integrates with other key applications such as CRM, BI, CSM, Webinars, and more
  • Provides reporting and administration to gain insights and manage the application’s permissions, performance and usage

Thought Industries has been delivering its award-winning CLM solution to hundreds of customers and millions of learners. We’ve pioneered this category, and deliver the most comprehensive solution for Customer Learning Management, which we call The Customer Learning Cloud.

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