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About Thought Industries

We're changing the way businesses perceive learning

Thought Industries powers the business of learning with our industry-leading learning technology. We were founded in 2014 around the core belief that online learning experiences should be modern, intuitive, engaging, and scalable. Today, our growing team builds and maintains the only learning solution with completely native tools and integrations that drive higher engagement, learner proficiency, and retention rates for our customers.

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History of Thought Industries

From a basement in the South End to an intercontinental business

Five years ago Barry Kelly and Doug Murphy, our cofounders, were fed up with complicated, dated, frustrating learning platforms. So, they built their own. The mission: modern, branded sites that make sense for the learner and administrator. From a basement in South End, Boston they built the first modern learning platform and, today, they built a team that supports and pushes forward their mission to continue delivering the best solution on the market backed by first class customer support. 

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Founded in 2014

Our Boston headquarters are still filled with the energy like it's day 1 – just with the added fun of a Pac-Man machine, ping-pong table, and unlimited snacks. 

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International Offices

Headquartered in Boston, Thought Industries has offices across North America and Europe. We visit and stay connected with our peers with company events and virtual meetings.

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Great Benefits

Our employees have access to benefits to simplify their lives such as commuter benefits, 401K, healthcare, vision, dental, and did we mention the unlimited snacks?

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