ArrowStream Migrates to Blended, Online Customer Training – Reduces Training Hours 74%

The Challenge

The foodservice industry has high employee turn-over, pair that with their growing customer-base, ArrowStream needed a way to scale customer onboarding and training to match the market.

The Outcome

ArrowStream took a hybrid approach to their onboarding and training leveraging their Knowledge Center as a gateway to live support – cutting their time spent training by 74%

ArrowStream scaled their customer onboarding and training by leveraging the Thought Industries platform for online customer training

ArrowStream is a leading provider for foodservice supply chain management. The ArrowStream team is dedicated to providing the industry with the right resources to manage the supply chain, adhere to food safety and quality standards, and improve overall efficiency. Part of this dedication is demonstrated through their hands-on approach to customer on-boarding and training when they have new customers or users for their product. ArrowStream takes a blended approach to customer training and onboarding.


The Challenge

The foodservice industry has high employee turn-over, pair that with their growing customer-base, ArrowStream needed a way to scale customer onboarding and training. They couldn’t continue to provide live, in-person training for basic introduction to the platform features and functionality. They needed a way to: 

  • Scale customer onboarding and training
  • Ensure they have focused customer conversations
  • Engage with clients similar to a live experience
  • Maintain their 100% renewal rate

“We were conducting trainings approximately 15 times per month with the sessions lasting up to 8 hours. This combined with the live new user trainings was inefficient, especially given the turnover within the foodservice industry.”
- Brittany Tamul, Director of Customer Success, ArrowStream

The Outcome

The ArrowStream team built out their online customer training and onboarding within Thought Industries leveraging the interactive features available. Their courses incorporate engaging content and learning paths to guide learners through a sequence of milestones to get them up and running on their solution. Once that initial on-demand training is complete, they can join for a live training on their particular use case with the ArrowStream support team. They experienced measurable results in the months following the launch of their site.

  • 74% decrease in Customer Success’s time spent onboarding and training customers month over month
  • 80% of their client-base is logged in and accessing their learning site regularly
  • 182% increase in customer log-ins since launching Thought Industries
  • Maintained their 100% renewal rate since launching
“We’re very proud of the launch of our learning site. Switching to this hybrid model where we’re offering online training as a barrier to the live in-person training came with a high risk. We’ve been impressed to find that this hasn’t had a negative impact. In fact, after taking the onboarding course, we’re having more focused conversations with our clients around their specific use case instead of basic feature introductions.”
– Brittany Tamul, Director of Customer Success, ArrowStream

Keys to Long-Term Success

Blended Learning

Combining online courses with ILT/vILT to offer engaging and personal training experiences has helped ArrowStream scale their training

Interactive Content & Courses

Leveraging multi-media, hotspots, and other engaging tools ArrowStream is able to offer clients impactful ways to learn their product

Onboarding & Support

With learning paths, ArrowStream guides their first-time users through milestone-based training entirely online


ArrowStream uses quizzes, tests, and surveys to better understand how their customers are retaining the information provided

Maintaining our 100% renewal rate and reducing our time spent in live training was crucial to our new approach to customer training. With Thought Industries, we’ve done both – maintained our 100%  renewal rate and a 74% decrease in staff time spent training.”

Brittany Tamul
Director of Customer Success, ArrowStream

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