Performance Reporting


Keep an eye on how courses and learners perform

Course Reporting lets you measure the effectiveness of course assets across the learning continuum. The powerful reporting suite is built to capture a wealth of interaction data to help you improve business strategy. Get high-level metrics on the performance of each learning experience or get a granular view of course specifics. Review engagement metrics by section, lesson, and page.

Gain a competitive advantage by drawing actionable insight from course interaction data to power meaningful business decisions. The success your learning initiatives rely on the quality of the learning you deliver—and how well you engage learners. The more engaged they are, the more they will retain information—which ultimately results in greater satisfaction and longer customer lifespans.

Learner Performance Reporting give you reports on response rates, weekly logins, registrations,  attendance, page views, certificates completed, assignments, quizzes, grades, credits, collaborations, and more. These data points are measured in real time so that administrators can effectively have a handle on the ongoing performance of a specific learner or group of learners. Learner Performance Reports enable you to identify what’s working and what’s not to can gain insight from your successes.

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