SCORM Connect

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Streamline External Content Delivery without the Hassle

Businesses who create content and deliver to external 3rd party organizations are often faced with a common set of challenges. The external group wants to use the content and courseware, but they want to load it into their own LMS. In this scenario, the solution is typically to export as a SCORM file, and deliver (untethered) to their LMS. The challenge with this is it causes a loss in secure control, potential loss of intellectual property, and ongoing difficulty in keeping courseware updated and in a centrally managed location.

With SCORM Connect, all these challenges are solved. After you author and create courses within the Thought Industries' platform, those files can be exported via SCORM Connect to 3rd party domains and LMSs. The content is 100% securely tethered between the systems but displayed within the external 3rd party LMS. 

In addition, all course updates can be made in the Thought Industries' platform once and propagated to all distributed courses, making ongoing updates and changes seamless. Course data is also served from Thought Industries, and reporting data shared with client LMS making reporting a much more easier exercise.

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