Awards and Badges


Incentivize the experience and keep learners engaged 

Automatically grant learners awards when they complete certain actions within your learning experience. Use your own award language, scoring system, and imagery to fully customize your offerings.

Take engagement to the next level. The learning experience is always about outcomes, but to get there you must ensure the experience is both rewarding and enjoyable along the way. The platform provides you a way to curate an experience to boost engagement and overall satisfaction.

Customize credit tracking and badging. Reward learners for reaching certain milestones within a course or school by associating points, credits, stars, etc., with badges.

Offer rewards based on milestones. Awards can be set up within the Thought Industries' platform to automatically grant rewards to learners when they complete certain actions.

Setup learner leaderboards. Create healthy competition by setting up leaderboards for specific courses or schools.

Leverage gamified content types. Use game-like content types like flip cards, highlight zones, match pairs, and discussion boards to make learning more engaging.

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