LMS.org's Review of Thought Industries

Stephen Newman
Oct 12, 2016 1:35:43 PM

There are currently over 650 LMS providers in the marketplace with more and more being added each year. With such a wide variety of options available it can be difficult for businesses in the market for new learning technology to decide which one fits their needs best. Oftentimes during the research process, this is where third party sites such as LMS.org come into play - in order to provide an outsider's perspective and make an assessment of which companies and use cases make the most sense in terms of picking a vendor.

LMS.org recently gave a write up of Thought Industries and our Learning Business Platform, so we wanted to share their commentary of our product. Take some time and check it out, and here are some highlights:

Microsite/Page Builder

"Drag and drop site builders are the best friend of anyone who wants a website but has little to no design experience. Users can easily position elements where they want them and see what the page will look like as they work. Create microsites that look professional but require minimal time to build."

Course Authoring Tool

"Users can add videos, quizzes, flip cards, presentations, slideshows and tests easily. Course publication takes minutes and can include custom prerequisites, course collections and programs. Users can also add in galleries and discussion boards to encourage student interaction."

Monetization Options

"The combination of ecommerce and advertising features gives Thought Industries an edge when it comes to business-focused learning management systems. The interface is user friendly and doesn’t require significant technical knowledge to navigate."

Functionality & Usability

"Thought Industries announced the new release of their platform back in July 2014. The system has earned high marks when it comes to usability, customer service and functionality. It’s easy to see why when exploring the visually appealing design, drag and drop interface and numerous built-in features which help users create effective courses and generate revenue through advertising and sales."

Here at Thought Industries, we are focused on "Powering the Business of Learning." This means businesses who are trying to deliver learning directly to consumers, professionals, or the extended enterprise are a great fit for us. Our Learning Business Platform helps in these use cases as it encompasses all of the features, functionalities, and capabilities companies and organizations need to launch online learning initiatives to distribute to their learners. Everything from the microsite/page builder, course authoring tools, powerful monetization options, real-time reporting, and much more are all under one hood, making the creation and delivery of learning easier than ever.

In addition to all the tools the platform provides, we've also recently launched a set of powerful B2B licensing and content propagation features which enable organizations to easily create, distribute, update courses, and track multiple customers who are licensing your content. Everything from the creation and branding of the microsite to the tracking of seats and users is done from the platform, streamlining the ability to manage all your customers and their usage of your content. It's a powerful way to quickly scale your learning business and provides another monetization option to drive revenue.

So whether you are looking to generate digital revenue through the sale of online courses (a la carte, subscription, licensing, etc.), or you are looking to launch new online learning business initiatives to help train, educate, and certify audiences or extensions of their business (partners, resellers, dealers, etc.) - our all-in-one platform provides subject matter experts with easy to use tools to create and launch highly interactive and engaging online learning experiences. These are the use cases we serve best, so if you're interested in learning more be sure to request a demo today!

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