Benefits of Working with a Verified Helium Partner

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Simone Bloom
October 19, 2022

Imagine a Learning Management System (LMS) that aligns with your company brand, integrates seamlessly with all your platforms, and offers engaging learning to your customers. Traditional LMS options don’t offer this flexibility. But, with Thought Industries’ new headless LMS solution Helium, branding alignment and system integration are now possible. And the process is made even easier through Verified Helium Partners.

Enable Education is uniquely positioned as a Verified Helium Partner, our team being half web developers and half content developers. We combine the services so many organizations need to advance their solutions: learning experience design plus web development services. 

Enable Education: What We Do

For 16 years, Enable Education has been working with companies to provide both web development services and learning content creation. We have first-hand experience integrating LMSs and business systems. We’re excited to work with Thought Industries as a Verified Helium Partner on this headless LMS platform, making integrations much more efficient!

By providing both web development and content creation services, Enable Education is well-positioned to support clients to accelerate their solutions. We have extensive experience providing end-to-end learning solutions for both customer and employee training challenges.

Enable Education works to find out what your learners need, then we create the big picture learning experience. We ensure your customer education meets your company’s specific branding, integration, and learning objectives – and achieving that vision is even easier on a headless LMS.

Regardless of where you are in your strategy – whether it’s early-stage needs analysis, instructional design, or solution development – Enable Education can jump in and provide support, creating interactive content, engaging game-based learning, and simulation experiences.

NI & Thought Industries’ Integration

One of Enable Education’s longest standing partnerships is with NI – a key Thought Industries client. 

NI is a multinational manufacturing company with over 35,000 customers worldwide. They equip engineers and scientists with systems that accelerate productivity, innovation, and discovery. Because NI operates in an increasingly crowded market, customer education is key to maintain their competitive edge.

Late in 2019, NI’s customer education team was rearranged into a true education services organization. This involved a significant shift from in-person to virtual and on-demand training. As part of this strategy, NI moved their learning content to Thought Industries Enterprise Learning Cloud. This required existing systems, including customer accounts, data monitoring, and learner provisioning, to be integrated into their new platform. Through this shift, Enable provided integration support and partnered with NI in creating great online learning experiences.

Enable CEO, Ben Zimmer, and NI’s Principal Product Owner, Digital Learning Experience, Gretchen Edelmon, presented at Cognition 2021 on the critical role partnerships play in a successful implementation. You can watch that presentation here.

While our partnership with NI is one of our longest, Enable has built and continues to build partnerships with a range of different clients in a variety of industries.

How do Verified Helium Partners Work with a Headless LMS?

No matter the scope and capabilities of an LMS, there are always customers who need to integrate something new to customize it to meet their specific learning and business objectives.

Personalization often requires accessing and incorporating both internal and external data about a user, and Helium accommodates this need. This headless LMS system allows customers to personalize and brand learning exactly how they need.

Helium is the industry’s first headless LMS architecture for full personalization, to truly build without limits. It supports organizations in realizing their learning vision without limitations or compromise.

Traditional LMS platforms often rely on monolithic architecture and present a static user experience with little to no flexibility. As a headless LMS solution, Helium addresses new content types and the widest variety of user interfaces, including web browsers, smartphones, car screens, home entertainment interfaces, industrial product interfaces, wearables, and virtual or augmented reality headsets and other hardware.

As one of the first Verified Helium Partners, Enable Education used Helium to create the Thought Industries Academy page – where customers login to Thought Industries Enterprise Learning Cloud to access their courses.

Imagine you wanted your learners to have a simulation or metaverse learning experience. And, imagine if your results and metrics were pushed into Thought Industries Enterprise Learning Cloud. Enable’s web development team leveraged Helium to quickly produce the new, streamlined, and highly customized Academy page that does exactly that.

Using the modern technology stack available in Helium, one of our full-stack web developers created the user interface using React Framework, and the styling was done using Tailwind CSS, while data fetching uses GraphQL.

Why Do you Need a Partner?

Verified Helium Partners support organizations to create and deploy extensible and customized learning experiences.

Helium gives you the ability to integrate hundreds of third-party business applications into the Thought Industries Enterprise Learning Cloud and create learning experiences that link seamlessly with your other systems.

Many Thought Industries’ clients don’t have spare web developer resources to work on their learning teams, so Helium lowers the barrier to development. As a Verified Helium Partner, Enable Education handles the Helium integration and the needs analysis for Thought Industries’ clients. We design and craft learning experiences that are appropriate for your specific organization, and fit comfortably within your learning culture.

If multiple systems need to integrate with Thought Industries to optimize the employee experience, a Verified Helium Partner can support you along the way.

If you want your LMS to seamlessly blend with your company brand and messaging to create a unified learning experience, a Verified Helium Partner is a huge help as well.

Ready to create a seamless learning experience for your customers? Contact the Enable Education team now. Or, if you’d like to schedule a personalized Helium demo, reach out to Thought Industries and get the conversation started.

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