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Everything You Need In One Platform

The Thought Industries' Learning Business Platform™ is an End-to-End Solution for All Your Online Learning Needs.

  • Create

    Build engaging and interactive online learning sites and courses with easy to use drag and drop tools

  • Distribute

    Deliver content, education, and training to consumers, professionals and extended enterprise audiences

  • Monetize

    Choose from a variety of monetization options to package, promote, and sell digital and physical products

  • Report

    Report, analyze, and track real-time sales, site metrics, course performance, and user engagement

  • quote_craftbrewing.jpg
    "We were able to create a customized experience that our customers love, that our team can easily manage and that ultimately generates new revenue for our business."
    John Bolton, CEO & Co-Founder, Craft Beer and Brewing
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    "We chose Thought Industries because the platform enables us to easily build out customized learning programs with simple drag and drop functionality, but is also powerful enough to reach a global audience." 
    David Suzuki, CEO of Bio-Therapeutic
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  • quote_fw.jpg
    "As a result of working with Thought Industries, online learning has become a high value, high price point product that's led us to an eight-figure business." 
    Winter Thielen, Director of Online Product Development, F+W
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  • quote-template2-ie-2.png
    "We looked at over 35 LMS providers, but we wanted a partner who could give us the flexibility needed to both scale, and provide customized and mobile friendly learning experiences." 
    Valerie Kisiel, Chief Executive Officer, Innovative Educators
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  • quote-template2-ipg.png
    "We are thrilled to be opening up new educational opportunities for our members to make their businesses even better, and excited to be working with Thought Industries to help us provide accessible, user-friendly and engaging learning experiences." 
    Bridget Shine, CEO of IPG
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  • ti_quote_penton_1.png
    "We will launch with Thought Industries in calendar year 2016 three new businesses. That's very quick to market to launch businesses for us." 
    Richard Stanton, Chief Product & Technology Officer, Penton Media
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  • quote_northstar.jpg
    "As the needs of our audience are constantly changing, it’s critical that we’re ahead of the game. Partnering with Thought Industries will allow us to create an online learning roadmap that will meet the content demands of our audiences today and years from now."
    Roberta Muller, Senior Vice President Product Development, Northstar Travel Media
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  • quote-template-tdwi.png
    "Thought Industries enabled us to quickly extend our training portfolio online and bring to market a world-class, mobile-ready online learning experience featuring video, audio, quizzes, exams, learning certificates, and community." 
    Meighan Berberich, President of TDWI
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  • quote-template-zumba.png
    "By leveraging the Thought Industries’ Learning Business Platform and its consolidated set of features, Zumba is delivering a fully branded web experience, selling physical products and offering online courses all from a single cloud-based solution." 
    Senior Executive at Zumba
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Create Fully Customized Learning Experiences

With no coding necessary, our powerful site builder and course authoring tools enable you to quickly build and launch fully customized, branded, and interactive learning experiences your audience can take anywhere. 


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  • Consumers

  • Professionals

  • Extended Enterprise

In-depth reporting

Generate Revenue with our Powerful Monetization Options

B2B Licensing  |  Digital & Physical Product Sales  |  Subscription Management  |  Sponsored Advertising


Take advantage of the flexibility of Thought Industries' Learning Business Platform. Whether selling courses directly to end-users or licensing content directly to large organizations, the platform is designed to maximize your revenue potential by giving you a variety of ways to monetize.

Integrate All Aspects of Your Business

Webhook capabilities make integrations easier and more powerful than traditional APIs. Broadcast real-time events and data to your CRM systems, email marketing systems, marketing databases and more. Embed tracking or completion scripts to any or all pages to keep 3rd party system up to date.

  • Single Sign-On

  • eCommerce

  • CRM Systems

  • Email Marketing

Get to Market Quickly with our Talented Team

Our talented professional services team of designers, developers and project managers can help you quickly and successfully launch online learning initiatives. No matter what the scope of your project is, we have the tools, technology and expertise to support your needs.

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