How to Improve Your Learning Experience with B2B Licensing and Content Distribution

Emily McLaughlin
Jul 17, 2017 9:04:00 AM

Large-scale content distribution and licensing offers organizations the ability to improve sales, engagement, and satisfaction by reaching deeper and broader into other B2B organizations. In addition to improving the business in these ways, there are several ways B2B licensing and content distribution tools can improve the overall learner experience.


Improving the Learning Experience

The primary goal of your learning business should be to ensure learners have the best -- and most authentic -- learning experience. Below, learn what features to consider when researching an online learning technology:

Branded Experience: When delivering learning outside of your organization to other B2B organizations, you may want to give their group of learners a "branded experience." In order to do this, you need to ensure that each organization feels like their learning experience was built by their own designers or web staff. For some businesses, it is important to provide a learning environment that adheres to their unique corporate standards regarding the use of logos, images, colors, and fonts to give the visual impression that learners have entered a learning site set up by the organization they are interacting with.

Social Experience: Learning has always been a social activity — whether it's face-to-face or online. In the case of online learning, people want to be virtually "surrounded" by other learners. However, in the enterprise setting, the outside organization that has licensed your digital content would probably prefer to keep its own learners within the same dedicated "learning environment," allowing them to work alongside others from the same organization without the presence of outsiders. Those learning environments may have variations too. Some learning experiences could use videos and text content; others may have social elements in which participants interact with each other.

Advanced Training: While plenty of people are happy doing the minimum amount of learning required for onboarding or product training, others want to excel and become the in-house experts. These individuals represent an opportunity to "upsell" your advanced training. This advanced training, in turn, can lead to "master-level" certifications.

Certification: People who are learning often like to "level up" by mastering a skill set and then showing off that accomplishment to their co-workers, managers, or the broader work world. Whether acknowledgment comes in the form of micro-credentials, digital badges, printable PDFs, or some other format, the promise of earning certification can inspire learners to continue their journey.

Organizations in the market for new online learning solutions, should not only seek out technology with B2B licensing capabilities, but technology with features that enable custom branding, social experiences, advanced training, and certification. This will add significant value to the learning experience and, inevitably, boost overall revenue down the road.

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