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About eMoney Advisor

eMoney Advisor (eMoney) is a leading financial technology company providing scalable wealth management solutions for financial professional firms. With more than 50,000 clients and 2 million end-clients nationwide, their technology enables financial professionals to build stronger client relationships, streamline business operations, and drive revenue and growth.

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The Problem

The commitment to their clients’ success also spurred eMoney’s own rapid growth. Adding nearly 100 employees for three years in a row, the company needed a more efficient, standardized, and cost-effective way to handle onboarding and continuing education.

Knowing that the success of their customers was their number one priority, eMoney set out to transform their learning program. They wanted to ensure that current and future employees could get the best training possible, but in a much faster, convenient, and cost-efficient manner.

Previously, all onboarding was on-site, instructor-led training. As the demand grew, eMoney ran into stacking issues—having to select one day and time for a training that met the schedule of multiple departments. They also had to regularly reschedule training because of additional new hires or registered employees with new scheduling conflicts.

Multiply this by hundreds of courses, and hundreds of learners located across the country, and:

● Training costs were rising due to travel expenses and delayed training start times
● Resources were being stretched thin—pulling people from their jobs and departments to handle eMoney’s escalating on-site training needs
● The company’s learning logistics were becoming difficult to manage
● Training was becoming harder to standardize

The Solution

Realizing that overhauling their entire training structure was no small task, eMoney decided to take a team approach. 25 people from nearly every department in the company (including financial planning, technical support, client support, and internal training) were enlisted to help design, develop, and implement the new program.

“Not only were we looking to improve our employee onboarding, but we were also hoping to apply our new training strategy to other departments and learning audiences down the road,” said Celeste Hernandez Revelli, eMoney’s Director of Financial Planning and lead of the new training initiative. “That’s why it was critical to get as many people involved as possible. So, we could tap their expertise, leverage their resources, and get their buy-in.”

Finding the Right Technology

After assembling their team, eMoney began the search for a training platform that could support and replace much of their ILT training with on-demand eLearning. They also needed a platform that could easily scale to keep up with their growth and that was designed for rapid content development. The Thought Industries Customer Learning Platform best fit the bill.

Scaling to the Enterprise

“We have many different departments within eMoney. And the more we can get them to collaborate, the better we’ll be able to serve our clients,” said Hernandez. “That’s what we liked about the Thought Industries platform. We knew that it could easily scale and bring together our entire enterprise.”

For example, once eMoney enters training for new hires, existing employees can also easily access it to stay refreshed on customer support policies or new strategies and services that are being launched—without any extra time or expense to the company.


Having just launched their new training initiative, eMoney is still compiling results data. However, they have already addressed the four main challenges they set out to overcome:

1. Ease Logistics: Now that their training is supported by a learning platform and accessed online, it’s much easier to handle their learning program’s logistics. Most of it is now automated, and costly stacking issues are non-existent.

“We definitely have a more seamless process now and we don’t have to work around other departments’ schedules. Thus, people are getting trained faster, with less hassles on both sides,” commented Hernandez.

2. Reduce Costs: Training costs have been significantly reduced since learners no longer have to travel for training or lose valuable time away from their jobs. Courses can also be repurposed (at no expense) for other learning groups…

“By putting all of the units into our Customer Learning Platform for one training, versus multiple areas and units, this will save us a lot of time and resources in the future,” remarked Hernandez. “Last year we had 450 classes. But now with our new training program and platform, we’ve cut the classes in half.”

3. Standardize Training Quality: All of the training for eMoney’s US-based employees and international contractors has been standardized. They also believe they have a better training experience than their previous ILT program. And they have the built-in tools to easily test and assess their training to ensure ongoing improvement.

4. Free Up Resources: eMoney has more resources to tackle other initiatives because their employees are no longer needed to help with in-person training.

"Thought Industries has given us the platform to support big organizational improvements."

Celeste Hernandez Revelli
Director of Financial Planning, eMoney Advisor

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