On-Demand Webinar

Free and Fee: Strategies and Considerations for Monetizing Customer Training

Whether you’re building your first fee-based education offering or considering how to evolve your monetization strategy for greater impact, this webinar will guide you through several different considerations and revenue models to ensure you’re maximizing the business impact of your customer education program.

In this exclusive webinar replay, we’ll help you sharpen your approach to monetizing your training program. We’ll cover strategies like:

  • Deciding when to charge for training content, and why you should consider charging from the start
  • Implementing a free/fee strategy to drive continuous content consumption
  • Understanding the benefit of different purchase models, such as a single-purchase SKU, training credits, or a learning subscription

Watch this exclusive replay with Maria Manning-Chapman, VP of Education Services Research at TSIA, Daniel Quick, VP of Learning Strategies at Thought Industries, and Bill Cushard, General Manager at ServiceRocket as they explore the do’s and don’ts of monetizing customer education.


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