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Growing Your Customer Learning Program Maturity

How to Get There (and Where is There, Anyway?)

Customer education, when done correctly, is a huge competitive advantage.

But, as organizations seek to level-up their education programs, there are countless obstacles standing in their way: lack of executive buy-in, not enough funding to grow the team, gaps in subject matter expertise or technical content production skills, or—most often—the absence of a big-picture vision.

In this webinar, we’ll have the exciting opportunity to hear from a multinational software company, Forcepoint, on how they not only cleared all of those hurdles but ultimately built a customer education program that benefits not only its clients but the entire organization.


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In this session, we’ll cover:

  • Thought Industries’ theory on Customer Education maturity at every stage
  • Forcepoint’s experience with maturing and scaling their program
  • Tactical advice we can share with newly established education teams

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