Elevating Credentials: The Journey to Robust Certification

Figuring out how to deliver and credential professional training is a challenge all by itself. Maintaining programs, growing those programs, and helping people keep their skills current takes those challenges to the next level.

Join Stephanie Runyan, Senior Director of Learning at HRCI, and Kristine Kukich, Director of Customer Marketing at Thought Industries as they discuss:

  • What is HRCI?
  • The importance of aligning with industry standards
  • How to keep a certification program current and timely
  • Continuing education credits and re-certification
  • Volume and scale and what that means to a certification program

Together, they shed light on the multifaceted journey of crafting and upholding a thriving professional certification program.

Host: Kristine Kukich, Director of Customer Marketing | Thought Industries

Guest: Stephanie Runyan, Sr. Director of Learning | HRCI

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